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2010-2011 Faculty and Staff

Front row L-R: Faustina Tirona, Rucila Tumitit, Marilou Brazil, Jingle Ancheta, Jocelyn Vedia, Cynthia Macario, Arlene Galo

Back row L-R: Estrella Frias, Cristina Gervacio, Aurelio Maike, Ptr. Ma. Beate Hernandez, Rev. Ronell Hernandez, Rev. Calipay Lubang, Genievieve Subion, Johnirey Sapon


Teacher Arlene Galo, Bible Teacher and N-K class tteacher

Bachelor of Religious Education; almost one school year of service in DLA hired in September 2009; Bible Teacher from Grades 1-6; handles N-K class

Teacher Jingle Ancheta, Grade 1 class and Girl Scout Adviser

Bachelor of Elementary Education with three years of teaching in other schools, 4 years of service at DLA hired in 2006, LET Passer; handles Grade 1 class; enrolled in MA Educational Management, DLSU; Girl Scout Adviser

Teacher Jocelyn Vedia, Grade 2 class and Kab Scout adviser

Bachelor of Elementary Education,  has taught in DLA for two years in 2000 then was re-hired last year, 2009 thus with three years of staggered service in DLA; LET on process; handles Grade 2 class ; Kab Scout adviser

Teacher Genevieve Subion, Grade 3 class and Dance Troupe adviser

Bachelor of Secondary Education; taught 5  years in other private schools; 1 year of service at DLA hired in 2009; LET on process; handles Grade 3 class. Dance Troupe adviser

Teacher Anna Marie Cajelo-Samuya, Grade 4 class adviser

Bachelor of Elementary Education with one year of teaching in other schools; LET Passer; 2.5 years of service at DLA hired in October 2007; Grade 4 class adviser +English 4-6; Science 4, Computer 5-6; enrolled in Educational Management, DLSU. Computer Laboratory Teacher-In-Charge

Teacher Johnirey Sapon, Grade 5 class adviser

BS in Public Safety, BS in Education major in English; LET passer; 6 years of service at DLA, hired in 2004;  Grade 5 class adviser + Math 4-6, Hekasi 4-6, Filipino 4. Boy Scout adviser

Teacher Malou Brazil, Grade 6 class adviser

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Agricultural Education with two years of teaching experience in other schools; 4 years of service in DLA, hired in 2006; Grade 6 class adviser + EPP 4-6; Science 5-6, Filipino 5-6. EPP laboratories Teacher-In-Charge.

Teacher Cynthia Macario, School Librarian/Guidance Counselor

AB Psychology; LET on process; 1 year of service at DLA hired in 2009; School Librarian/Guidance Counselor with teaching load MSEP 4-6 and Computer 4; enrolled in MA Educational Management in DLSU

Teacher Cristy Gervacio, Head Teacher; a recognized Church Worker of LCSMC

BCM Christian Education; 6 units Early Childhood Educ.; handles Prep class; 19 years of service at DLA, hired 1991.

Office Staff

Ms. Estrella Frias, Secretary/Cashier

Bachelor in Computer Science; 5 years of service, hired in August 2005.

Ms. Rucila Tumitit, Business and Finance Officer

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy; Certified Public Accountant with 11 years of service in the DLA.

Ms. Tina Tirona, Teacher Aide

Mr. Mike Maike, Maintenance/Upkeep/Gatekeeper

School Director

Rev. Leng Lubang, School Director since 2005

MA in Religion, Master of Divinity, MA in Educational Administration, BSE in Health and Nutrition; LET Passer; part time.

School Opening Retreat for Faculty, Staff and Pastoral Team held.

As had been the practice, these faculty and staff together with the SCCD Pastoral Team who provides chaplaincy services to the school held the School Opening Retreat at the Sycip Rest House in Malabag, Silang, Cavite on June 11, 2010.  It was in this time of reflection and orientation that a high morale among DLA personnel was perceived by the facilitators.  “Discerning God’s Great Purpose” which was the theme that guided this retreat will also be the theme of the whole school community for this year, adapted from the UCCP Quadrennial Theme 2010-2014.