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2010 Teacher Empowerment Program

11/2010 Teachers Empowerment Program (TEP3) of the LCSMC is held at UCCP Anabu. Some 64 teachers and 20 churches of the LCSMC attended this event. This years’ TEP 3 is the Advent Christmas Season Curriculum training for Sunday School Teachers which will be echoed to our SCCD Teachers during a Teachers’ Workshop Sunday after LCSMC training.

08/2010 Teachers Empowerment Program (TEP2) of the LCSMC was held on August14, 2010 at UCCP-Anabu, TEP is an effective tool to train and equip our teachers and advance Christian Education Program  of the Conference, thus moving the Local Churches in their provision of Sunday School materials. UCCP Sabang was awarded in the recent Annual Conference as one of the churches in the LCSMC who patronizes its SS material over 6 years.

08/2010 Sunday School Teachers’ Workshop and Housekeeping was held at the multi-Purpose Hall on August 1, 2010. This is geared towards the Principle of Effective Leadership using the Moses Paradigm as essential contribution to SS Teachers life and ministry of teaching.  Some 14 teachers came and showed their humble service to the Lord and signed their Covenant as Sunday School Teachers and Volunteer teachers for outreach. New teachers will be assisting the session and their evaluation/preparation for Sunday School Teaching will be under the monitoring of the Board of Elders and the Pastoral Team.

7/2010 SPECIAL COURSE: EQUIPPING the CHURCH Leaders and Members

Rationale: Church Leaders are equal with ministers in the noble work of God’s ministry.  This dimension also gives us the courage to always learn and study the Word to be approved by God. In view of this sanctity of leadership, we are offering a basic course to be completed by all members occupying leadership positions so as to be updated and spiritually grow in the ministry while taking the lead in God’s flock. The BOE approved that a SPECIAL COURSE be offered/integrated in the Thursday Bible Study to be completed by all members of the leadership so as to be updated in studying the word and spiritually growing in the ministry while taking the lead in God’s flock. Click here to see the full schedule.