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Get Well Prayers for Friends

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Say a Prayer to a Friend

When our friends are overwhelmed by illness, we must encourage their spirit with healing prayers and get well poems that show how much they are loved. Saying a prayer for a friend is a powerful way to spread God’s goodness.


Here are 10 get-well prayers for your special friend.




God Cares

I ask the Lord to bless you
as I pray for you today
to get you well and comfort  you
as you go along your way
God’s love is always with you
God’s promises are true
and when you give God all your cares
you know He will see you through. Amen.


Keep the Faith

You’re in my prayers
each day my friend
you simply must get better

I miss your smile,
I miss your laugh
I miss my better half.


To God I say, “Make her well!”
I’ll keep nagging till He does
and soon I’ll get
my answered prayer
from the Lord above.


So hang in there, keep the faith
I am by your side
very soon good health returns
the Lord always provides. Amen.


Pray Away

Nasty, nagging, aches and pain
I’ll pray them all away
and you will feel much better
as you go along your day.

Lord Above

The Lord above
awash with love
feels your pain and suffering.
Soon He’ll send
His grace to mend
and you’ll be whole again.



Heal My Friend

A weary body
holds little hope
to recover and to heal
So I am here to make up
for your recent loss of zeal

I pray for you excitedly
I pray for you with zest
I pray for you constantly
that you will pass the test.


God’s challenges are trying
but they’re meant
to do such good
for you will do much better
than you ever thought you could


Heal, my friend,
you’re not alone
I’m helping and I’m here
Weariness will soon take leave
and forever disappear.

Good Health

Restore the vigor
end the pain
refresh, renew, once more
and you will see
good health return and your spirit soar.



Get Well Soon

Thinking of you with prayers
for a healing from the Lord
So you will get well very soon
your health totally restored.
Get well soon my dearest one
the Lord’s blessing is with you,
for you should not know suffering
you of the righteous few.


May healing well from deep within
and cure your pain and woes
to bring you back to health renewed
complete from head to toe.

Whole Again

I send prayers unto the Lord
I know that He will hear
And you will sense His nearness
never more to feel the fear


For God will surely intervene
and make you whole again
so you can do the loving things
you used to do back when.



Hope Restored

You are unwell and I can tell
you’re angry and so sad
but prayer will change
to good the things that now are feeling bad.


So lighten up hope is restored
your illness soon will cease
and you will have recovery
and find your inner peace.

Bless My Friend

I ask: Bless my friend
she needs your strength
right now.

She needs to get through her pain
You need to show her how.
End worry and exhaustion
let her see your wondrous ways
will soon bring full recovery
and with it better days.
Give her patience, courage too,
faith and hope, a spirit new.


Refreshed in love
and Your kind grace
will bring her to a peaceful place.
Where she can handle what she must
and in you Lord, she’ll place her trust.
With gratitude, to you I pray,
heal her Lord and hear me say:
Thank you God for you are good,
may my prayers be received and understood. Amen.

Know Relief

Now that you have used the get-well poems in prayer, send one to a friend. Let all who are in pain know relief. May all who suffer be healed. May you be blessed to continue to pray for your friends in need.