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Delight Yourself In the Lord

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Delight Yourself in the Lord Child


Looking for a comforter,
who will give you peace and rest
Looking for instruction,
that will teach you to be your best

Looking for the ingredients,
that you can stir into your soul
Looking for the answers,
that will reach the young and old

Looking for a real friendship,
that is honest, pure and true
Looking for a support system,
that will always see you through

Looking for a fine flavor,
you have never experienced before
Looking for the right nourishment,
that you will enjoy, more and more

Looking for the true leader,
who is a godly role model for you
Looking for a wise mentor,
who will guide you in all that you do

Looking for the Savior,
who is the one and only true way,
Looking for the answer?
Delight Yourself, In the Lord Today!

by Sylvia Wilson � 2009