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Faith for Healing in the Name of Jesus

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faith for Healing


The Healing of a Boy with an Unclean Spirit (Matt. 17:14-18, Mark 9:14-27) – Luke 9:37. And it happened the next day when they came down from the mountain a huge crowd met Him.

38. And behold a man from the crowd called out saying, “Teacher, I beg You to look at my son, because he is my only child,

39. and behold a spirit takes him and suddenly it cries out and convulses him with foaming at the mouth and it goes away from him with difficulty, wearing him out.

40. And I urged Your disciples to cast it out, but they were not able.”

41. And Y’shua (Jesus) said, “O unbelieving and perverted generation, how long will I be with you and will I endure you? You must bring your son here at once.”

42. But while he was coming the demon threw him down and convulsed him: but Y’shua rebuked the unclean spirit and healed the child and gave him to his father.

43. And all were amazed at the majesty of God.

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