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Children Feeding Tips

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Pinoy Family mealtime



1. Lead by example. Be a role model in practicing good eating habits.

2. Let a child be a child. Expect and be patient with child-like table manners.

3. Be consistent with meal schedules. Serve meals on a regular time, preferably before the children get overly hungry, tired and/or irritable.

4. Make mealtimes safe and comfortable. Select chairs, tables and eating utensils suitable in structure and size for children.

5. Serve enticing dishes/foods. Whenever appropriate, arrange dishes attractively on plates to stimulate children’s appetite.

6. Keep dishes simple-flavored. Children like dishes that are not spicy and strong-tasting.

7. Make fruits and vegetables interesting to eat. Cut fruits and vegetables in small fancy-shaped pieces.

8. Make mealtimes pleasant and enjoyable. Encourage a happy talk to promote good appetite among children.