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Things Older People Can Do to stay Healthy

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WP – Jan-Dec 2003

Written by Felices C. Cuaderno, FMS-FSTD


Considering both the quality and the quantity life among older adults/person is a critical health goal of the government especially the health Department as well as the community they belong.


Both physical and social activities as well as good nutrition enhance health and the enjoyment of life among people of all ages, especially among older persons.


Here are some tips on how older persons can enjoy a good quality of life:

Enjoy Your Retirement

Plan carefully for a satisfying and rewarding retirement by;

  • Start planning when you are still working. Think of activities, which you enjoy but had no time to do. For example, plan on how to rehabilitate your neglected garden,
  • Take up hobbies, which are less strenuous like reading and which may have money-making possibilities like sewing, growing flowers, raising animals, cooking, and tutoring.
  • Join social activities, which you can start in your active years and continue after you have retired.


         Enjoy an Active Social Life

To stay healthy older persons should live life to the fullest – socialize because;

  • An active social life will keep your system going. It presents physical and mental challenges to keep you lively,
  • Humans are social beings, so stay tuned to the social life around you,
  • Get in contact with other older persons of your community and organize groups with similar interest.


Try to Make Your Meals Attractive

  • A balance nutritious diet helps maintain good health, fight infection, and prevent diseases. Three reasons why older persons should continue to balance their diet by eating lots of vegetables, fruits and low-fat meat or fish are;
    Absorption in the gut becomes less attractive for some nutrients,
  • The immune system gets weaker and so needs more support through nutritious foods,
  • Chewing food may become more difficult, so older people need appropriate food for their bodily needs.


Meals can also be made attractive for older person by;

  • Finding food stores or markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and low-fat meats or fish,
  • Being careful with storing food especially if you do not have a refrigerator. Eat leftovers from meals on the same day,
  • Making your meals something to look forward to everyday and take time to prepare them,
  • Finding new ways of combining food you like with new products you have heard of. Experimenting in your cooking,
  • Using food with lots of fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and cereals to help prevent constipation.


Stay Mobile – Go out and enjoy life 

1. Walking is an excellent exercise for older people. For places you cannot reach by foot, there is usually public transport. For older persons to travel safely consider some of the following advice:

2. Ask your family, friends or neighbor to help out when you want to go somewhere,

3. Use public transport when possible and ask your fellow passenger for seat, if all seats are occupied,

4.      Contact a citizen’s group involved in helping older persons in public transport,

5.      Cross the road only at pedestrian crossing.


Accept the Normal Changes of Older Age

Changes occur in your body during this period of your life, as they do at any age. However, get proper professional advice if you experience problems, which limit your activities especially if these are sudden in onset.