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84th Anniversary – July 25 2010

God’s message to the community of faith is to establish and embrace God’s purpose for the Church. A community that is not only hardworking in the vineyard of God but also advancing what God has planned, building and reclaiming our dynamic heritage of becoming faithful witnesses. It was last year’s theme that made the community even more inspired to delight in giving Glory to God through a life of mission. Brother David Dakanay, our Anniversary speaker, spoke of Apostle Paul’s reminder to the Ephesians to always look to God and give Jesus the honor by using our lives in sharing the Gospel and centering our worship to our creator. The activities that highlighted the month-long celebration were as follows:

(1) PN6 dubbed as ALTAR GLITTER

Launched during the Anniversary month-long celebration on July 4, 2010. The 3-D Architectural Perspective of the SCCD Sanctuary showing the final chancel area design to be funded from the

collections of PN5b Bamboo and Bricks which totalled to 177,092.80. To date a total expenses incurred in waterproofing works and other building improvements is P96,274.75, leaving us an amount of P80,818.05. This year’s anniversary, the church will open the PN6 dubbed as ALTAR GLITTERS, where all members are encouraged to donate and a corresponding glittered material will be posted in the 3D Tarpauline to complete the perspective of the Chancel Area.

(2) Archiving and Communications Committee

Led the viewing of SCCD History, launching of SCCD Brochure and a Photo Exhibit of the SCCD was held on July 11, 2010. Thankful, blessed and amazed at God’s love were the mixed emotions felt by the inspired spirit of SCCD members after seeing and witnessing God’s faithfulness over 84 years. Old pictures, faces and spirit filled

ministries brought inspiration to us. Indeed those who witnessed our faith journey claimed God’s abundant grace. Members of the archiving committee are composed of Anjell Samonte, Ramon Reyes, Rose Calungin, Natalia Cantada and the Pastoral Team. A trivia portion was done led by Pastor Bea and some tokens were given to our winners care of Priscilla Hayag.

(3) HARVEST SUNDAY. This year’s anniversary celebration culminates on the purpose of the Church as light and refuge to the community. Part of the celebration is to encourage members and non-members to get along with the organization and the latter to reach out to other believers.  Harvest Sunday happenings on July 11 and 18 are designed for the CRO’s to invite and encourage fellowship life to members. CYF’ers baked homemade oatmeal cookies for all. CYAF prepared free lunch. UCM and CWA welcomed friends with warm fellowship. Harvest Sunday is suggested to be done once in awhile to enliven the spirit of fellowship with both members and non-members.

Click here for the July 18 Service and Activities Photos

(4) Anniversary Prayer Service and Love Banquet.  Held on the Wednesday of the Anniversary Week, July 21. Rev. Phoebe Dakanay shared to us an inspiring message through music. God’s messenger unfold some important challenges to the church by becoming faithful to God’s word which is sustaining, saturated with power and brings completeness drawn from Prophet Isaiah’s testimony to Israel. UCCP Sabang therefore is ready to accept the good harvest that is due because of God’s honoring favor to the Church’s work of sharing the Gospel. The Love Banquet that followed the exhortation, which actually is feeding and praying in pair, had a strong impact to those who came.  The said banquet was introduced to advance the church’s forgiveness in 2009. Those who came were moved by the sight of kindred in pairs, feeding each other with bread dipped in wine, then lifted up to the Lord the prayer requests and unresolved hurts between them. Thus, forgiving each other.

(5) VIDEO STREAMING run for the first time in SCCD Anniversary celebration. Members’ abroad were able to witness the day of celebration online, this is through the humble leadership of the Archiving and Communications Team with the assistance of our CYF’ers who accepted number of calls.

(6) Anniversary Sunday Worship

KIDS Choir led the Praise and Worship as opening declaration of hymns and praises to God. Liza Ranieses holds the humble leadership of teaching our Kids Choir. This years’ Anniversary Worship was doubly inspired to hear the anthem “The Call” sang by the Chancel Choir conducted by our vibrant home grown choir conductor for many years Bro. Roel Sapida.

Anniversary Message – “Children of Light”

Anniversary Preacher Brother David Dakanay, Lowland Cavite South Manila Conference Council Chairperson and at times chairs theLCSMC CSRD (Christian Stewardship and Resource Development) graced this occasion as Anniversary Speaker sharing insights on the theme drawn from the passage in the Gospel according to Apostle Paul to the Ephesians.  He admonished the Church to advance God’s inspiring dream for the community of SCCD, to look forward to the vision, mission and purpose of the Church, reclaiming our heritage as a church towards being a light and refuge for the community. Bro. Dave gave 25 items for Christian believers’ guidelines in living a life that is giving light to the world and light to the community.

Click here for the 84th Anniversary Whole Day Celebration Photos

(7) Luncheon Fellowship. Our very own Aerojammers (members of our health and wellness program under the umbrella of the Special Ministry) opened the luncheon fellowship with an Egyptian inspired dance under the coaching of Ronald Cabalit. Food flowed on this day prepared by Tess Candelaria (key catering service) while the Christian Women Association prepared food for dissemination. This Anniversary celebration gathered a total amount of P31,872.00 from donations of members here and abroad and spent P27,623.00 in various expenses, primary of which is food.  Praises be to God for Trustee Joey Belmonte who chaired this important event.

(8) Praising GOD through CRO Presentations.

Church Recognized Organization presented their ministerial journey drawing theme from our Anniversary message, the Church celebrating life and purpose. DLA Students presented gifts to the Church representing their prayers for the community of faith. CYF’ers caught applause and esteemed energy as they presented thepressures of today’s life while keeping rooted to God’s mighty work. Young Adults expressed their joy of reminiscing their time of active participation in the ministry. The United Church Men’s skit, portraying God’s teaching of becoming servants of God, inspired many. There were lots of door prizes raffled out, courtesy of SCCD friends and partners,  Dr. Susie Pineda, handmade tote bags from Ruby Sapida.  The CYAF led the afternoon fellowship with an inspiring team building and coat of arms illustrating our commitment to God’s faithfulness to SCCD.

(9) Ministry Involvement Signing In became the highlight of SCCD’s Photo Exhibit. Members who viewed the gallery had a chance to stroll upon the Ministry Involvement Board with their declaration of ministry partnership, drawing inspiration from Apostle Paul’s message to the Corinthians to embrace the ministry God has planted in their hearts, which says “For we are God’s fellow workers, you are God’s field, God’s building”(1 Cor.3:9). Those who signed in for the ministry involvement partnership were:

OUTREACH MINISTRY – Argie Mendez, Joy Dolorito, Honey Belmonte, Lorie Joy Domingo, John Mark Luna, Princess Quezon, Mariel Guban

MINISTRY of PRAISE and WORSHIP – Johanna Belmonte, Reylyn Siervo, Avinson Matro, Siara Nina Matro, Carissa Calungin, Liezel Domingo, John Mark Luna, Mark Louisse Mabattung, Sharmaine Luna, Angela Rose Calungin, Robee Hernandez, Kristel Joy Fauni, Princess Quezon, Mariel Gubon

Ministry of Teaching – Johanna Belmonte, Reylyn Siervo, Joy Dolorito, Carissa Calungin

Literacy Program – Lodie Matro, Argie Mendez, Rose Calungin

Jail Ministry– Argie Mendez

Visitation Ministry– Irene Rimbon

(10) CAKE Festival was also part of the afternoon fellowship. Inspired by the Hebrew and Jewish custom where offering of unleavened breads were prominent especially during festivities. Cakes were donated by friends. Raffle tickets were sold in  the amount of P5.00. Cake Festival fund will go to the PN6 project as leading fund.

(11) COOKIE SURPRISE made the day more celebrative when the congregation received oatmeal cookies from the Sunday Schoolers as they took part in sharing God’s goodness over many years. This is another form of promoting our Sunday School programs.

(12) Kids and CYF’ers led Bayanihan.

For many years, it was  the CRO’s who gather a day before the anniversary to do general cleaning inside and out of the church building and the children often were just watching them. This year’

Bayanihan were  outnumbered by CYF’ers and Children who glamoured the day of errand and cleaning up. A few adults came to the usual church tradition every time there are special occasions. The women were attending to the cleaning of the church sanctuary, men in the church grounds, clearing the garden. The young people lending

a hand adorning the church ground with banderas. Children collecting chunks of woods and garbage from the creek/school grounds to the ramp side of church building, preparing the tables, mopping and sweeping the floor.  Sumptuous oatmeal porridge was served to our children and adult volunteers.

*** Reflections from the Anniversary Celebration ***


by Teena Saquilayan

Afternoon fellowship during anniversary celebration has been SCCD’s tradition.  This year, it is a family gathering of SCCD members and attendees.  The event gave us a chance to reminisce and glance at our future as one big family of God.  Celebrating, appreciating, reflecting and envisioning blended what the usual Anniversary Celebration as expected to be just festivity.

The CYAF led the afternoon fellowship.  The Call to Worship was headed by a dance of praise by the Aerojammers and Tambourine Dancers.  Our Council Chairman, Miriam Gerero, formally welcomed the family of believers.  The CYF led the joyful singing.  Raffles has always been part of celebration – we had a cake raffle, proceeds will go to the Altar Glitter project.    Donated goods and some grocery items were also raffled out to all attendees.  Selected Disciples Learning Academy students presented gifts per grade level.  The gifts were so touching as it covered memento, personally prepared by the students. They also rendered a song and gave their heart-warming message for the Church through Sis. Cristy Gervacio.

Presentations of the Church-Recognized Organizations (CRO) made the celebration even more complete.  This year, the theme centered on the church’s vision: A faithful, transformed UCCP SCCD church committed, disciplined, in responding generously to the Great Commission. Each of the presentations reflected how the CRO’s will respond to the call.  The presentations are not just a blessing to those who witnessed it, thus served as a realization on how we can work together as a Church in responding to the Great Commission.  A feel of fun, learning, and celebration in the afternoon can also be seen from the Facebook account of some of our brethren – young and old!  It was also the first time that video streaming was done during the fellowship.  Some of our brethrens abroad, were able to watch it online.

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy –think about such things.”

All of the CROs and the kids had the chance to go to their age level group & together

(1) appreciate the best of their experiences in the church;
(2) envision what is in store for the church;
(3) design and express their prayers for the church.

Each one shared very meaningful messages and moving experiences such as:  Best experience with the church’s common theme is being with fellow believers –sharing, working, and growing in faith together; being part of the ministry that paved way to use their talents and giving their all for the Lord.  CRO’s Big dreams and prayers were: (1) to finish the church construction; (2) growth and maturity of the members; (3) more church activities and programs that will help us grow in the faith and reach out to the community. Commitments were illustrated into symbols which gave unity and working together as a theme concluded in the afternoon celebration.

Hearing, seeing, and feeling the passion from kids to elderly brethren, I am more excited for the next years to come.  Seeing God’s believers – appreciating the long journey of His church, realizing the importance of functioning collaboratively,  dreaming and excitedly anticipating great things to come, and holding hands in prayer and in faith – a great sign of SCCD, with God’s grace will continue moving forward and pressing on.