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Highlight of Accomplishments EY 2010-2011

SCCD’s Church Life and Ministries

What is God doing at SCCD?


  1. Received in the flock our new Choir Conductor for Chancel Choir in the person of Ms. Beulah Dumasig on September 2010, Ma’am Beulah is a faculty of Phil. Missionary Institute.
  2. SCCD designated as one of the centers of LCSMC Piano Yes! Program with Recital for the second time held in SCCD on May 7,2011. SCCD contributed 6 promising piano scholars to this program some of whom especially the youth are now providing piano accompaniment in the Children’s Church.
  3. Included in the Liturgy a Liturgical Drama that is incorporated where cross curtain shall be opened within the portion of the Liturgy reading of  scripture until postlude, to represent the light coming in as Good News being shared to man.
  4. Introduction and setting of Psalmist Coordinating Council as governing body to take care of music life, praise and worship trainings and choir monitoring on discipline

Christian Education and Nurture

  1. Sunday school classes from pre-school to adults have become a regular Sunday routine.  The Children’s Sunday School continues to get a good number with the Outreaches being part of it. About 50% of the children Sunday schoolers are from the said Outreach areas.
  2. Recognized some 25 members of the Christian Youth Fellowship who graduated from the Purpose Driven Life (PDL) Sessions offered to the CYF in their Saturday sessions by the Pastoral Team specifically Pastor Bea. Graduates shall involve to SCCD Outreach and Home Bible Study ministry.
  3. Thursday Bible Study offering courses/module study materials to enhance and equip leaders and members of the Church facilitated by the Pastoral Team.
  4. SCCD was recognized as one of the LCSMC churches who participate regularly in the Teachers’ Empowerment Program using these materials in the Sunday school and outreach classes affirming mainline evangelical Protestant identity to which UCCP hails from. Our very own Pastor Bea was part of the writers’ pool, curriculum review and reading team to come up with 3 year cycle SS material of the LCSMC.
  5. Regular monthly workshop for Sunday School and Outreach Teachers with input workshop on Music Appreciation, Arts and Craft, Accelerated Learning, Book Review, Proper Hygiene on Dental Dare, this is in response to nurture and groom teachers for Children’s ministry.
  6. Successful Kids Camp with 33 campers and 17 Counsellors and Staff at Ptr. Jim Sycip Retreat House, Brgy. Malabag Mataas na Burol Silang Cavite, first to held a 4 days and 3 nights camping outside UCCP Sabang vicinity. This is aimed towards more learning experience, independence, training and development both for kids and young people.
  7. Successful Youth Camp with 39 campers and 12 Counsellors and Staff held at Ptr Jim Sycip’s Retreat House 5 days and 4 nights camping. This is aimed towards more learning experience,

Membership Growth and Development

  1. Received formally a total of 13 new members into the church fold during the year after attending a 2-session Discovery/Membership Class.
  2. Baptized and received a total of 13 young people after attending the one quarter Communicants’ Class.
  3. Sustained Membership Renewal Campaign now in its third year in cooperation with the UCCP National campaign for membership census with corresponding giving of Annual Denomination Contribution.
  4. Strong Church Recognized Organizations with the CYF getting significant number in terms of membership attendance gathering new faces from the community and the overwhelming come back of the CYAF as an organization and hoped to be felt in the ministry.
  5. Ministry to members abroad through sending of monthly newsletters keeping them connected and updated on SCCD church life and setting up SCCD website where all information about SCCD life could be read .  Members Abroad Sunday in February had been designated as a yearly observance beginning 2010. A number of OFW members regularly send their support to the church.
  6. Sending of 2 lay leaders in the Conference offered Lay Formation Program to widen the pool of lay volunteers in the various ministries of the church.
  7. Formed Nurturing the Elders as quarterly fellowship and continuing education to the Elders of the Church were dialogues and teaching enhancement are part of the input.
  8. Reached the average of 200 worshipers for the past 3 months
  9. Continuing finishing works in the church and school building with completed projects during the period as follows:
  • Canopy grand stairway and tiling
  • Communion Table with varnish and carving of “In Remembrance of Me”
  • Altar Works and Church Sanctuary Painting and Improvements through the ministry of the BOT and Architect Marie Amistoso.
  • Installed Mezzanine Railing
  • Upcoming works: painting works of the Multi Purpose Hall
  • Varnishing and detailing of all Church doors  including removal of rust and painting of Church Window frames
  • Curtaining of Frontage Cross
  • DLA Creek side complete rip rapping
  • Installation of DLA entrance gate canopy
  • Painting and tiling works of Admin Offices
  • Painting of NKP Classrooms and HE Room
  • Stairway slab works/west wing rooms slab works
  • Irrigation canal repair works

10.  Purchased a baby grand piano in the amount of P84,000.00 for church use donated by the couple Virgilio and Priscilla  Hayag.

11.  Undertaken Fund Generation Projects namely Project Nehemiah 6 Altar Glitter for altar finishing works with funds raised to date – P65,225.00  and Color the Season 3, for ongoing finishing works in the church building generating P8,800.00

12.  Dedication of the Temporary Parsonage in March 2011 with the full occupancy of Pastors Ronell and Bea Hernandez in Greensborough, the previously dedicated Parsonage 100 meters north of the church. in 2009, owned by Bro. Efren Frani is now under repair and renovation according to availability of funds.

Christian Witness and Service (Mission and Outreach)

1.  Gathered about 218 children in the two-week long Summer VCS in church, Daang Nia, Mary Cris and Simborio Outreach with a significant increase in volunteers especially from the youth.

2.  Sustained distribution of rice, goodies, and other household items to Simborio and Daang NIA Outreaches through the periodic sending of balikbayan shipments from the Hayag couple who are based in the US.

3.  Sustained partnership with Philhealth as SCCD Collection Center gathering about 43 households in the community as regular members and enlisting 191 household in the Indigent Members Program of the     Provincial Health Office. Philhealth Ministry now is on its 2nd batch listing of Indigent Members.

4.  Continued communication and partnership with sister churches in the US namely UCC Holmdel who is supporting two scholars in the DLA and Asian American Ecumenical Church who has served as conduit of donations to SCCD from members in the US.

5.  Typhoon Rehabilitation Program set-up as aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in October 2009, funds are primarily for environmental care and preservation advocacy work and helping of churches affected by calamities. Out of this program, the Vermi-Veggie Garden was put up making use of vermi earthworm in decomposing biodegradable wastes and its castings as compost for fertilizer now being shared to other LCSMC Churches such as UCCP Calumpang.

6.  Send off 8 missionaries to Palawan, a Mission Challenge Ministry of UCCP SCCD that was birthed to produce Missions team and future Church Workers of SCCD.

Christian Stewardship and Resource Development

1.There was a progressive increase of 28.1% in tithes for 2010 praising God’s amazing grace given the global economic    crisis for the past 2 years. Over-all, the total collection from primary sources (tithes, loose offering and Sunday school) increased by 18.7% a big indication of disciplined giving and consciousness of Christian stewardship among members. Consider the comparative figures below gleaned from SCCD Financial Statement

Year Tithes Inc/(Dec.) Total Collection from primary sources
2004 P555,788.25 P942,393.38
2005 P595,484.00      7.14% P744,231.00     (21.03%)
2006 P643,473.00      8.06% P881,975.00      18.51%
2007 P458,673.00   (28.72%) P714,140.00     (19.03%)
2008 P714,526.25    55.78% P957,943.65      34.13%
2009 P707,648.00      (.96%) P985,096.10        2.38%
2010 P906,509.90     28.1% P1,169,122.60    18.7%







2. Increased giving of Wider Mission Support to LCSMC with figures below showing the past six years’ giving

2004-2005      45,040.93              no definite %

2005-2006      26,055.89                      3%

2006-2007      62,534.36                      7%

2007-2008      95,924.35                  13%

2008-2009    141,492.69               14-15%

2009-2010    134,663.80               16-17%

2010-2011    209,578.36               17-18%

SCCD was noted to be on top (2nd) of the four    churches in the Conference that has WMS   contribution reaching 6 digits as per reflected in    Annual Session Report in 2011 held at UCCP Buenavista May 19-20, 2011.

On SCCD’s specal Ministries

1. On DLA. Recognition Status of the Disciples Learning Academy by the Dept. of Education was granted in May 2009 after almost two years of waiting. Chaplaincy services being provided to the school

2. Submission of Feasibility Study to CDA as per requirement for Sabang Disciples Multi Purpose Cooperative to take off with her multi business venture. SDMPC has now 61 members with P255,706.65 in assets. Registration from the CDA is being awaited. SDMPC is now operating the DLA School Canteen, Dishwashing and Fabric Conditioner, Credit and Loan, Grocery, Rice and Xerox Copier Machine business.

3. Scholarship Program now catering to 24 scholars enrolled in the DLA, 1, high school, 7 piano scholars and 2 college students availing of the educational loan grant.

4. Adult Literacy Program provided to some parents of our indigent scholars enrolled in the DLA are now incorporated to Home Bible Study program.

5. Chaplaincy to Serenity House of Sobriety with Pastors taking turns in providing pastoral leadership in their Sunday worship services at least twice a month and Bible Study facilitation

6.Communication network to reach out to members abroad as well as friends, mission partners of SCCD through the net and monthly newsletter.  The SCCD website was developed and is being managed, and supported as a love offering through the willing hearts of SCCD members abroad Ms.Volet Tirona Jardiniano and son-in-law Ted Malamug.

7. Health and Wellness Program. Sustained Health Watch Corner is set-up on Sundays for checking of blood pressure, blood sugar by  professional and student church members nurses serving as volunteers.

Involvement in Wider Judicatories

1. Hosting of LCSMC activities namely:

  • LCSMC Annual Muzikaloob with 600 youth in November 2011
  • LCSMC CWA Valentine Fellowship February 2011
  • LCSMC CYF Sports Fellowship in April 2011
  • LCSMC UCM Fellowship
  • Piano Yes Recital in May 2011
  • Hosting of UMCC Fellowships in April 2011

2. Church Workers Participation to first assembly of newly formed Middle Luzon

3. Jurisdiction in Condora La Union October 2010.

4. Mission Work in North East Nueva Ecija Associate Conference in January 2011 as part of the Immersion of the LCSMC UCWO Annual Retreat.

5. Exchange Pulpit done twice during the year with UCCP Dulong Bayan and UCCP Sulukan.

6. Sending Off 8 members of UCCP Sabang for Palawan Mission Challenge, a one year education program for mission that is aimed to educate members on mission and harvest future church workers.


Consolidated by SCCD Pastoral Team 2010-2011 Rev. Ronell and Pastor Bea Hernandez

Presented during Worship Service on May 22, 2011