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A Testimony of God’s Grace


By Sis. Rylene Naty


I don’t remember when it started but all I know is I’m always dreaming, hoping and praying for better things for my family. I have witnessed how drugs have influenced the society and destroyed many, including my family and relatives were made miserable by drugs and I could say that the damage is still there. I can’t do much about it but to pray and hope that history would not repeat itself, knowing that I am a product of one of the many victims. In order to support all my prayers and aspirations, I worked hard to finish my studies, which is the first thing to do in order to make a difference. We didn’t have enough to support my daily needs during that time, but I did not struggle. I didn’t let any shortcomings become hindrances; I knew that the Lord has prepared all that I need and what I have to do is just look for it and know the persons He entrusted with. I didn’t expect much from my parents because I know that even them were struggling for our necessities. I felt bad of course but I didn’t blame them for I know that they feel twice the pain whenever we are asking for the things we need that they can’t provide. Because of that, I learned not to ask for anything from them but their support, guidance and prayer everyday which are much better than anything in this world. I am also grateful to my lola for dreaming with me and for her love, prayers and everlasting support not only to finish my studies but for the whole family.

I always remember the moment when my sisters and I locked inside the room, sharing thoughts and we were crying when we realized our bad situation.We started daydreaming and imagining things with tears in our eyes and smile on our lips like we are crazy. We shared our dreams that time and I made those as inspiration. I grabbed all the opportunities that came to me and stayed focused on my goals.  I finished my studies as soon as I could so I would be able to support my sisters to finish their studies and I succeeded.  I am now a licensed civil engineer who’s working abroad. I could say that things are on track. With the help of God, I am able to support my family especially my youngest sister Kris and cousin Joy on their studies. They are both in 1st year college. My younger sister, Aiza will go back to school and finish her degree next school year because she has a better agenda for her career and we had an understanding.

We should not stop dreaming and believing that the Lord sees all the desires of our heart. He is not reluctant to give especially when it is for the good of His children. We can always do things through Christ who strengthens us.


—Sis. Rylene Naty is the 1st graduate of SCCD Scholarship program which started in 2005. She is now working in Dubai as Mechanical Engineer.