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Church Worker’s Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics



I, __________, called of God to be servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, to proclaim the unsearching riches of his love, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, voluntarily adopt the following principles in order that through dedication and self-discipline, I may set more worthy example of those whom I seek to lead and serve.


  • I shall develop and nurture a disciplined and dynamic devotional life, meditation, prayer, and time management.
  • I shall practice a systematic regimen that would keep me physically, emotionally and intellectually fit, and be responsibly, effectively and efficiently responsive to the demands of the ministry.
  • I shall share and enjoy quality time with, nurture and sustain gender-just, edifying and life-enhancing relationship in my family.
  • I shall develop and practice honest stewardship of resources, live within my income and will not leave unsettled debts with members of the Church, fellow-Church Workers and others.
  • I shall build a personal library and nurture serious, systematic study to keep abreast with current thoughts and trends in the different areas of disciplines in the field of ministry and national and international events.
  • I shall demonstrate a Jesus Christ-like life in my personal relationships, attitudes and conduct towards all peoples regardless of race, gender, class and creed.
  • I shall develop and put to life “fruits of the Spirit”, namely: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22)


  • I shall perform my duties and responsibilities with zeal and enthusiasm until released in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws and the Magna Carta for Church Workers.
  • I shall commit myself to service over remuneration.
  • I shall dedicate and commit myself to the prophetic, evangelistic and ecumenical traditions of the Church towards empowered, unhindered and united witness of the faith community to the life-giving and death-eradicating presence and power of God in Jesus Christ in the world.
  • I shall commit myself to uphold at all times, trust and confidence shared by parishioners and respect for every member of the faith community.
  • I shall observe impartiality in administrative, pastoral and other responsibilities to preserve and enhance the unity and integrity of the Church.
  • I shall lead and teach by example so that other members of the ministerial team and church staff may be inspired, encouraged and enabled to offer their best.
  • I shall dedicate myself to establish harmonious relationships with the faith community and the larger community without compromising Christian principles and ideals just to gain the reputation of being a “good” person.
  • I shall actively and responsibly participate in community affairs and concerns; be open and principled in working with government units and agencies, non-government and people’s organizations, Churches and other institutions, towards the establishment of peaceful, gender-just and life-promoting communities.


  • I shall foster cooperation with and among my kindred Church Workers and refuse to enter into any competition with them, in order to secure a place of honor.
  • I shall render services to kindred Church Workers and their families in every way possible and will never accept fees for such services.
  • I shall uphold at all times the integrity of my kindred Church Workers and thus shall not speak ill of the character or performance of both predecessors and successors and other Church Workers
  • I shall bring before the proper Church body, without spreading any rumor, cases of flagrant misconduct of kindred Church Workers in the spirit of desiring to offer help.
  • I shall respect the sanctity of pastoral charges and thus shall not provide ministerial services, such as: officiating weddings, baptisms, memorial and thanksgiving services,and other special occasions to former or other Church assignments except when formally invited by the incumbent Church Worker to do such.
  • I shall be open to and respect differing personal convictions, thinking, positions, stances of kindred Church Workers on theological and other issues and concerns, and shall strive to work towards healthy and dynamic sharing of convictions and concerns.
  • I shall be committed to preserving the unity and integrity of Churches, thus shall not proselyte from any Church directly and indirectly.
  • I shall offer retired Church Workers in the congregation all opportunities to contribute to the edification and strengthening of the faith community and shall dedicatedly continue giving loyal support to kindred Church workers even after retirement.
  • I shall respect and uphold procedures and processes in relation to Church assignments and thus shall refuse to make overtures to or consider overtures from a Local Church/other assignment where the Church Worker has not yet finished or terminated his/her term.
  • I shall protect kindred Church Workers from unnecessary burdens by refraining to send to their Local Churches/assignments questionable solicitors by referring them instead to established charitable institutions and government agencies.

An appeal!

As part of discipline and keeping watch being God’s servant leaders, everyone is called upon to embrace this Code of Ethics and help church workers follow the said statutes for the sake of order and unity in the church. The Board of Elders is the Board of Discipline

[1] taken from the UCCP Magna Carta for Church Workers which is to be given out in poster form with signature of church worker affixed in it, mounted and duly hang in his/her office as a reminder and for church members to be constantly aware of.