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Accomplishments 2009-2010

Highlights of SCCD’s Church Life and Ministry For EY 2009-2010

Under the Guidance of the Pastoral Team presented during Worship Service on May 23, 2010


  1. Sustained Music Ministry despite not having a Choir Conductor for Chancel Choir for sometime now.
  2. SCCD designated as one of the centers of LCSMC Piano Yes! Program with Recital held in SCCD on April 10, 2010. SCCD contributed 8 promising piano scholars to this program some of whom especially the youth are now providing piano accompaniment in the Children’s Church

Christian Education and Nurture

  1. Sunday school classes from pre-school to adults have become a regular Sunday routine though attendance is not that impressive.  The Children’s Sunday school continues to get a good number with the Outreaches being part of it. About 50% of the children Sunday schoolers are from the said Outreach areas.
  2. Purpose Driven Life (PDL) Sessions offered to the CYF in their Saturday sessions by the Pastoral Team specifically Pastor Bea.
  3. Thursday Bible Study walked through the letters of Paul and the Book of Revelation facilitated by the Pastoral Team specifically Pastor Leng
  4. SCCD was recognized as one of the LCSMC churches who participate regularly in the Teachers’ Empowerment Program using these materials in the Sunday school and outreach classes affirming mainline evangelical Protestant identity to which UCCP hails from. Our very own Pastor Bea was part of the writers’ pool.

Membership Growth and Development

  1. Received formally a total of 11 new members into the church fold during the year after attending a 2-session Discovery/Membership Class.
  2. Baptized and received a total of 12 young people after attending the one quarter Communicants’ Class.
  3. Sustained Membership Renewal Campaign now in its second year in cooperation with the UCCP National campaign for membership census with corresponding giving of Annual Denomination Contribution.
  4. Strong Church Recognized Organizations with the CYF getting significant number in terms of  membership attendance gathering new faces from the community
  5. Ministry to members abroad through sending of monthly newsletters keeping them connected and updated on SCCD church life and setting up SCCD website where all information about SCCD life could be read .  Members Abroad Sunday in February had been designated as a yearly observance beginning 2010. A number of OFW members regularly send their support to the church.

Christian Witness and Service (Mission and Outreach)

  1. Gathered about 255 children (same as last year) in the two-week long summer VCS in church and Simborio Outreach with a significant increase in volunteers especially from the youth.
  2. Sustained distribution of rice, goodies, and other household items to Simborio and Daang NIA Outreaches through the periodic sending of balikbayan shipments from the Hayag couple who are based in the US.
  3. SCCD recognized as Philhealth Collection Center gathering about 35 households in the community as regular members and enlisting 191 household in the Indigent Members Program of the Provincial Health Office.
  4. Continued communication and partnership with sister churches in the US namely UCC Holmdel who is supporting two scholars in the DLA and Asian American Ecumenical Church who has served as conduit of donations to SCCD from members in the US.
  5. Establishment of Right to Read Program Center in partnership with the Disciples Learning Academy through the donation and continuing support of the Hayag-Felix families in memory of their parents Bayani and Julia Hayag.
  6. Typhoon Rehabilitation Program set-up as aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in October 2009 with corresponding funds primarily for environmental care and preservation advocacy work and helping of churches affected by calamities.  Out of this program, the Vermi-Veggie Garden was put up making use of vermi earthworm in decomposing biodegradable wastes and its castings as compost for fertilizer

Christian Stewardship and Resource Development

  1. There was a slight decrease of 1.38% in tithes for 2009 but praise God that it is insignificant so to affect the whole church finances and given also the global economic crisis. Over-all, though the total collection from primary sources (tithes, loose offering and Sunday school) increased by 2.83% still indicative of disciplined giving and consciousness of Christian stewardship among members. Consider the comparative figures below gleaned from SCCD Financial Statement
Year Tithes Inc/(Dec.) Percentage Total Collection from Primary Sources Inc/(Dec)
2004 P555,788.25 P942,393.38
2005 595,484.00 7.14% 744,231.00 (21.03%)
2006 643,473.00 8.06% 881,975.00 18.51%
2007 458,673.00 (28.72%) 714,140.00 (19.03%)
2008 714,526.25 55.78% 957,943.65 34.13%
2009 707,648.00 (1.38%) 985,096.10 2.3

Increased giving of Wider Mission Support to LCSMC with figures below showing the past six years’ giving

2004-2005 45,040.93 no definite percentage
2005-2006 26,055.89 3%
2006-2007 62,534.36 7%
2007-2008 95,924.35 13%
2008-2009 141,492.69 14-15%
2009-2010 134,663.80 16-17% (cut off date was February 2010 which does not include WMS for March to May 2010 yet)

SCCD was noted to be one of the four churches in the Conference that has WMS contribution reaching 6 digits.

  1. Continuing finishing works in the church building with completed projects during the period as follows:
  • half basketball court in the quadrangle under the BTQ project (Beautifying the Quad)
  • Completion of the school’s 2nd floor west rooms housing the Computer and Science Laboratories
  • Installation of steel gate in the church main entrance
  • Waterproofing works in the chancel exterior wall to address rainwater leak
  • Additional two new church pews donated by a church member
  1. Received generous donations for purchase of a new sound system amounting to P280,000.00 and a brand new digital piano.
  2. Undrtaken Fund Generation Projects namely Project Nehemiah 5b Bamboo and Bricks for chancel wall waterproofing and altar finishing works with funds raised to date – P172,002.80  and Color the Season 2, for ongoing finishing works in the church building generating P34,840.00
  3. Designation of site for the Church Memorial Garden and dedicated during SCCD’s 83rd Founding Anniversary in July 2009
  4. Received seed money for the Typhoon Rehabilitation Program (TRP) which totaled to P75,000.00 appropriated not only for rehabilitation of human victims of natural disasters but also the physical environment. Dedication of the Temporary Parsonage in July 2009 with the full occupancy of Pastors Ronell and Bea Hernandez.  This is about 100 meters north of the church, owned by Bro. Efren Frani.

ON SCCD Special Ministries

  1. On DLA. Recognition Status of the Disciples Learning Academy by the Dept. of Education was granted in May 2009 after almost two years of waiting. Chaplaincy services being provided to the school
  2. Birth of Sabang Disciples Consumers Group Cooperative where the Simborio Women Group Savings had been channeled after it ceased operation. SDCC has now 60 members with P171,180.61 in assets. Only the registration from the CDA is being awaited.  This is now operating the DLA School Canteen and has provided Lending Services to its members.
  3. Scholarship Program now catering to 26 scholars enrolled in the DLA, 1, high school, 8 piano scholars and 2 college students availing of the educational loan grant. One college scholar has graduated Civil Engineering course and has passed the Board Exam, Rylene Naty.
  4. Adult Literacy Program provided to some parents of our indigent scholars enrolled in the DLA
  5. Chaplaincy to Serenity House of Sobriety with Pastor Leng as Spiritual Adviser and the SCCD Pastoral Team taking turns in providing pastoral leadership in their Sunday worship services at least twice a month and Bible Study facilitation
  6. Continuing partnership with ICFLC (International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin) through personnel services adapting its sole staff in the roster of employees reported to mandated labor agencies such as SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, BIR. Least Coin as token for prayer for peace and reconciliation is remitted directly to ICFLC.
  7. Communication network to reach out to members abroad as well as friends, mission partners of SCCD through the net and monthly newsletter.  A website has also been established through the initiative of Ms. Volet Jardiniano and son-in-law Junji Malamug
  8. Health and Wellness Program. Aerodance classes now offered regularly three times a week since February 2010. Health Watch Corner has also been set-up on Sundays for checking of blood pressure, blood sugar with professional and student nurses church members serving as volunteers

Involvement in Wider Judicatories

  1. Hosting of LCSMC activities namely
  • UCWO Continuing Theological Education Program in September  2009
  • Disaster Preparedness Seminar in October 2009
  • UCWO Officers Meeting in March 2010
  • Piano Yes Recital in April 2010
  1. Exchange Pulpit done twice during the year with UCCP Carmona and UCCP GMA.

Future Directions

1. Church Administration of Finances and Facilities to be eventually handled by lay leaders

2. Sending of more lay leaders in the Conference offered Lay Formation Program to widen the pool of lay volunteers in the various ministries of the church

3. Revitalization of SCCD Music Ministry, praying for a Choir Conductor who can give longer time in handling especially the Chancel Choir and providing more professional training in church music.

4. Offering of Lay Leadership Courses in SCCD by the Pastoral Team

Consolidated by SCCD Pastoral Team 2009-2010

Rev. Leng Lubang
Rev. Ronell Hernandez
Pastor Bea Hernandez