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An Adventure of Faith

Entering the Promised Land

Deuteronomy 1:21-46

God set the Promised Land apart as a special place for His people. There, He would fulfill His purposes for the nation. When they first had the opportunity to enter the land, the Israelites refused to believe that the Lord could overcome the obstacles they would face. Their lack of faith led to 40 years of aimless wandering in the wilderness.

As Christians, we, too, have a Promised Land of sorts. Each day we have an opportunity to believe God and experience a victorious life of trust and obedience. He wants us to take Him up on His Word and live in the richness of all He has promised to do in, through, and for us. But like the ancient Hebrews, we must choose to believe He will do what He has said.

God’s Commitment:

  • He places the land before us and promises to give it to us (v. 21).
  • The land God gives us is good and fruitful (v. 25).
  • The Lord commits to go before us, fight on our behalf, and show us the way we should go (vv. 30-33).

Our Responsibility:

  • Go up and take possession of what God has promised (v. 21).
  • Don’t focus on the obstacles or let them stop you (v. 28).
  • Be courageous and do not fear (v. 29).
  • Remember the Lord’s past faithfulness to you, and trust Him now (vv. 30-32).
  • Follow Him fully (v. 36).

Consequences of Unbelief:

  • Unwillingness is an act of rebellion against God (v. 26).
  • We will develop a grumbling attitude and believe lies about His character and intentions (v. 27).
  • We will forfeit the good land the Lord wanted to give us (v. 35).
  • The result will be a wasted life of unproductive wandering (v. 40).
  • Our lives will be characterized by self-effort—trying to get the land in our own strength—and defeat (vv. 41-46).

Questions for Reflection

  1. Are you struggling to believe God can overcome a challenge in your life? Where is your focus—are you looking at the obstacles or God’s promises?
  2. Is your life characterized by a settled confidence in God or aimless wandering? What scriptural promises will stabilize your faith and trust in the Lord?

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