At the Foot of the Cross Poem

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    At the foot of the cross, I lay it all down Everything in my life, that's hidden deep inside I give it away, for my Savior to heal These fears that I have, that I've buried for years At the feet of Jesus, my heart pours out tears As I kneel and pray, my thoughts ... Continue


The Day I Fell in Love

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    The Day I Fell in Love   The day my eyes opened I realized the sun shone everyday The beauty of the sunrise in the morning filled my heart with joy The magnificent sunset moments in the evening, lifted my spirit The fresh breath of falling waters, made me smile inwardly Birds humming sweetly took my ... Continue


Trust, Delight, Commit

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    Trust in the Lord and do good, do what you know you should give to Him your every need then on His faithfulness feed. Delight yourself in the Lord, gladness will be your reward He will grant your heart desires for your faith, is all He requires. Commit your way to the Lord, and justice to you He'll award He ... Continue


Delight Yourself In the Lord

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  Looking for a comforter, who will give you peace and rest Looking for instruction, that will teach you to be your best Looking for the ingredients, that you can stir into your soul Looking for the answers, that will reach the young and old Looking for a real friendship, that is honest, pure and true Looking for a support system, that ... Continue