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CEN & Family Month – Sep 2010

Church Education and Nurture (CEN) Month

This year’s CEN Month was celebrated with much joy in service to our God. This was the time for nurturing God’s people with His abiding grace and a crucial time to remind us that following His order connects us to His unchanging discipline and humbling lessons in our lives. CEN Month theme: Following CHRIST in These Critical Times enjoins everyone to always follow Him with a sincere heart.  Such theme serves as our challenge & living guidelines in our lives.

Events during the CEN Month

Sep 5 CEN Sunday Teachers’ Commisioning

The 1st Sunday of September was recognized as the ministry of teaching with the Sunday School and Outreach teachers at the helm. They were commissioned during the worship service.

Sept 12 Kids/Children Sunday Arts and Crafts/Face Painting

Grandparents Sunday

The children were featured on the 2nd Sunday with the Sunday School Kids and Teachers expressing in choral music how Deep and Wide Christ’s love for man is.  About 37 kids participated who  also joined the Annual LCSMC Children’s Festival at UTS on September 11.

CHILDREN and YOUTH led the Worship Service during the Children’s Sunday. Liturgist and Worship Leaders hail from the budding leaders of SCCD.

Jason Hayag is one of the three siblings of Hallen and Sarah. Jason is currently enrolled at Disciples Academy and is an active member of the Jesus’ Kids Choir.

Ghesan Perlas is the precious gift to Gemma and Saldy. Ghesan is also a member of the Jesus’ Kids Choir and Dance Troupe Organization of DLA,

Robee Hernandez loves singing and playing the piano keys for the Lord. Rob to her close friends and Ate to Brian Zamwell is a Pastors’ kid to Pastors Ronell and Bea.

Jeanary Chelsea is the youngest daughter of the sweet couple Ramon and Daisy. Chelsea is an alumna of Disciples Learning Academy and is pursuing her Secondary studies at ICA.  Our Praise and Worship leader for the Kids Sunday is an active member of the CYF and Praise and Worship Team

Sep 19 Youth Sunday

Ms. Anjell Samonte, the CYF president, gave the message on the 3rd Sunday being Youth Sunday.

Sep 26 Church Family Sunday Family Day at Church

CHURCH FAMILY SUNDAY was the culminating activity for the celebration of God’s protection in the Household. The CROs presented  the message of God’s love to every family in the afternoon.  It has been a vibrant month with all the CROs participating actively.

All Praises and Glory to God for your talents and service!!

The CYAF Choir during the Worship Service

The families’ afternoon activities

slowly…slowly…don’t let it fall… otherwise you’re out of the game

AEROJAM Fitness Group showing how to be physically fit

Of course the CWA won’t miss the fun and show their singing talents

The family that plays together stays together!!!!

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