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Christian Cartoons 3

Who says Christians are boring people and Christianity is no fun? The eleventh commandment is “Thou shalt LAUGH!” says CBN. So, laugh, laugh and laugh until you drop!

Well, how about you? Do you believe in the devil?

We better teach our children about heaven and hell!

Tighten your belt, guys!

Well, what would you do now?

Born again? Not becoming a baby again!

So then, which one would you choose?

Pray without ceasing to get in there!

Great advice!

What went wrong?


…and streets of gold! Magnifique!

Our rewards depend upon what we did for Jesus!

Give, give, and give until it hurts!

Always pay your debts on time, otherwise the interest would be doubled!!

God is still  in control! Let God do His part and you’ll be surprised how powerful He is! Nothing is impossible with God.

Not so funny one…..let’s get serious once in a while