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Announcement/Upcoming Events/Schedule






Upcoming Events for July 2015


89th Church Anniversary 




July 5 Communion SundayRegular Visitation of Shut-Ins
July 18 Sportsfest
July 19 pm Sportsfest
July 21 Prayer Service with Rev. Nelson Frani
July 25 ALL CROs Bayanihan General Cleaning
July 25 Anniversary Sunday with Rev. Nathaniel Romaquin as preacherAnniversary Afternoon Fellowship


Bible Study topic for the month of July 2015

July 2           The calling of the First disciples    Luke 5:1-11

July 9           The Parable of the Kingdom         Matthew 13:47-53

July 16         Jesus; Our Perfect Example         Matthew 17:24-27

July 23         Christ Galilean Ministry                Matthew 4:12-23

July 30        Who is Thomas                            John 20:24-29




WORSHIP Assignments

Schedule for   Ushers : : : : : : : : :  Gatekeepers

1st Sunday        Board of Elders     : : United Church Men
2nd Sunday       Board of Trustees : :  Christian Womens Association
3rd Sunday        Board of Deacons : :  Christian Youth Fellowship
4th Sunday        Board of CE         : :  Christian Young Adults Fellowship
5th Sunday        CRO’s


Schedule of LITURGIST

LITURGIST For The Month of  July  2015



July 5 – Allan Saquilayan
July 13 – Ellen Baysa
July 19 – Romeo Remulla
July 26 -Teena Saquilayan


***Regular Liturgist Workshop and Orientation every 2nd Saturday of the month at 2PM (Sanctuary) with Elders Lina and Willie Ramos




BIG GROUPING / Community Singing before Sunday School Sessions

1st Sunday – Jhem Fauni
2nd Sunday – Bea Almanzor
3rd Sunday – Teena Saquilayan
4th Sunday – Mitchie Sapida
5th Sunday – Sheila Sapida


Sunday School Teachers/Volunteers’ Sunday Devotion Leaders for 2014 at 8:00-8:30AM

To be announced in the Church….

Children’s Church Fellowship and Sunday School  Assistants

1st Sunday        Trisha and Jhia Tabing
2nd Sunday        Argie and Cess Mabbatung
3rd Sunday        Bethel Relao & Mariel Guban
4th Sunday        Avin, Joy & Honey Belmonte
5th Sunday        Wilma Pelagio


Children’s Church — BCE to Assist during Worship

2nd Sunday – Teena Saquilayan and Mitchie Sapida
3rd Sunday – Lodie Matro and Bea Almanzor


Moments with Children 2015 – every 2nd Sunday of the Month

Honey Belmonte


SS Teachers Visits SS students regularly. SCCD Volunteer teachers visit children and pray with their families every last Sunday of the month with the BCE member.


Teachers Training & Teaching Demo

To be announced later!!!! 



MONTHLY INPUT Program Schedule

Monthly Input Program supports the CE Life of SCCD. In response to the vision and mission of edifying the Church through education and nurturing, SCCD is serious in the realization of equipping the leaders/teachers so as to dispense a well balanced and energized teaching force of the Church.

SUNDAY SCHOOL Teachers and Outreach Volunteers monthly Workshop meets regularly every last Sunday of the month with Elder Juliet reviewing the curriculum for the ensuing month. A teaching demo is being practiced to enhance and develop the teaching skills of our volunteers. The Church calls for more teachers and volunteers to support our Teaching Ministry. Please see Lay Minister Wilma Pelagio if you consider to becoming one. Below is the schedule on teaching demo:

Month Topic Facilitator
June 30 The Disciples Argie Mendez
July 28 The Bible Lodie Matro
August 25 The Art of Drawing Avin Son Matro
September 29 Christian Education Honey Belmonte
October 27 The Art of Watercolor Lorie Domingo
November 24 Stewardship Bethel Relao
December 29 Christ’s Birth Darwin Siervo
January 26 Feed of Multitude Mariel Guban
February 23 The Art of Coloring Ruby Sapida
March 23 The Art of Listening Teena Saquilayan
April 26 Food Habit Mitchie Sapida
May 25 Health and Welness Sheila Sapida




Pastoral and Church Staff

Regular meeting and devotion of Pastoral TEAM and SCCD Staff continue every Wednesday, 4:00pm at the Conference Room with its respective devotional leaders. This is a time of refreshing and fellowship with God’s workers in the vineyard.

Below are the schedule:

1st Wednesday – Pastor Bea
2nd Wednesday – Wilma Pelagio and Rose Calungin
3rd Wednesday – Ann Ferer and Lodie Matro
4th Wednesday – Pastor Benjie and Monie Frani
5th Wednesday – Nora Martinez and Mila Millana




THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY at 7:00PM – 8:00PM now on its Fifth  MODULE. Our Thursday Bible Study being the venue to articulate the Lord’s great plan for the church has finished four modules on spiritual nourishment and endeavours to learn on God’s Word. Our fifth Module directs us to learning:  “Beginning Your Walk with Christ”



An INVITATION  to Young People!!!

Interested to dance for the Lord? For Tambourine Dance coaching/practice
Please contact Honey Belmonte
Offer your talents to the Lord by joining the Praise and Worship Team!!!
Please contact Mr. Avinson Matro for schedule of practice.


NURTURING the Elders

With the hopes and high regard to Elders’ capacity to handle conflict, discipline, worship and leadership development, it is with best effort to educate and nurture our Elders of the Church on handling this matter. In lieu of this, the pastoral team will set a schedule to continue with our Nurturing the Elders program in its objective to enrich and nurture our leaders. Below were the topics discussed in the past. New topics will be announced later.

Sacraments and Worship                                  (November 2010)
Prayer Life Seminar                                          (August 2011)
Governance and Conflict Management              (October 2011)
The Power of Stillness and Silence                    (October 2012)


Music Ministry Schedule

Saturday Rehearsals

AM – Outreach BS for Kids (CYF)

PM–3:00PM Jesus Kids Choir

3:00-4:00PMCYF Youth Choir

4:30-6:00 Praise & Worship Team  w/Tambourine dancers

8:00-10:00 Chancel Choir

Worship Anthem Renditions

1st & 3rd Sundays CHANCEL & CYAF

2nd         Sundays CYF Choir

4th & 5th  Sundays  KIDS Choir



Don’t forget these important dates!!!