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Women (CWA)


The Christian Women Association (CWA)

The Christian Women Association meets regularly on Tuesday evenings in members’ homes. They take part as well on the conference CWA monthly fellowship meetings. They are always the food managers/servers in any meeting or activity in church. They love presenting dances and songs on special occasions whether here in church or in other churches.

SCCD 2015 CWA 3




Women Ministry


Regular Fellowship, Tues., 7PM

Monthly Visitation-1st  Tues.4pm

Officers Meeting-3rd Tues,

Joint Fellowship with UCM-last Sat. of the month


For more info, contact: Cristy Belmonte  (09196519832)




SCCD 2015 CWA 2

2015 Trip of CWA to Tagaytay, Cavite

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Nov. 26, 2011 – Retreat at Rehoboth Retreat Center with Theme: “Paglago at Pagpapatuloy”

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A small group of “young once”, SCCD’s CWA

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2010 CWA Annual Retreat held on Nov. 13 at Citilane.