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CEN (Christian Education and Nurture) Programs



  1. To educate the Church on importance of CE
  2. To strengthen the education ministry of SCCD
  3. To promote different ministries and organization of SCCD in responding to the need of the community.



by: Jeramie “Jhem” Fauni

As we celebrate the Christian Education Month this September, let’s rekindle our life’s faith journey, our individual growth and our current spiritual status as a member of the body of Christ. Then proceed to evaluating ourselves on where we are in our faith journey and how far have we gone in carrying out God’s teachings…..


The Board of Christian Education or BCE is primarily concerned at addressing the in reach aspect of our church. It creates a teaching and learning environment and provides opportunities through the conduct of various programs and activities aimed at strengthening the spiritual foundation and nurture of the Church. While we may be aware of the responsibilities of the BCE and the church, still our growth in Christ depends on how well we accept and relate to His teachings. Colossians 2:7a relates a good message: “to keep your roots deep in Him, build your lives on Him and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught.” By these premise we look forward to a Church that is grounded to the teaching, members who come to Church for feeding thus gaining spiritual nurturing and maturity.


Once, Pastor Bea Hernandez asked each members of the BCE on the significance of Christian Education in our lives. As expected each one gave a unique answer. Mothers cited the importance of Christian Education in rearing their children. Career women related it to their respective work fields and others stressed its importance based on their personal experiences and social relationship. Nevertheless, we come to realize that Christian Education encompasses all aspects of our lives. An education in which Jesus Christ is central, it’s great influence have been our vision where teachings have manifested in the whole course of our lives and leads us to see all life circumstances from God’s point of view.

Wherefore, as Christians, education in the Church is formed to equip ourselves with God’s teachings and training used to empower the gift of Christian Education to develop a more wholistic church membership, similar to what Apostle Paul has taught to the Church of Ephesus, to reach unity in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God. (Ephesians 4:13)


Being chosen to receive and enjoy the gift of Christian Education, we have now a serious obligation to see to it that all the faithful especially the youth who are the hope of the church also enjoy this Christian Education.

As Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  The main philosophy of Christian Education is to instill values of character, responsibility and knowledge of right or wrong to the members of Christ’s community, lead them to obedience to His word and transform them to become more like Christ.

As a conclusion, the greatest and most effective way to promote Christian Education is to completely submit ourselves to the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ, and walk as living visual aids of Christ’s teachings and training.


Sister Jhem Fauni heads the Board of Christian Education, and currently leads the aerojam dance therapy class every Wednesday and Thursday. Jhem works with ACM company


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CE Library is getting its shape. As perceived towards progress and response to children’s learning development, the CE program through children’s ministry took shape of our very own Library located at the CE room. Through the kind leadership of Ms. Mischelle Quezon in consultation with Ms. Ney Poculan as resident Librarian of SCCD; books are being cataloged and categorized. Other materials such as videos, visual learning aids and church activity books are all organized. Our CE Library indeed is getting its shape.