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Communicants – April 2010

Welcoming our newly baptized and budding new church members

For one quarter, that is, from January 9 to April 1 of this year, the following young people attended the Communicants’ Class aimed at preparing them for full and more responsive membership in the church. Their childhood years are coming to an end and early adolescence is beginning. As a church let us get to know them more.

Leizel Almendral is the third child of Cenon and Liza Almendral and one of the 26 scholars in the DLA. She just graduated this year in Grade 6 after two years of schooling in the DLA. This quiet, reserved girl has shown significant transformation especially in her self-confidence, taking leadership frequently as liturgist in the Children’s Church. Liezil has other two younger siblings whom she takes care of assisting her busy mother. Her father, Cenon, has become the main stay carpenter in church after joining the construction workers’ pool in January 2005. The family is now a member of SCCD.

Andrea Cahigan is the second child of Ariel and Mary Flor Cahigan and studying in Kin Yang Academy, Grade 5. Her grandmother, Nits and aunts Agnes and Adora were the ones instrumental in bringing them to SCCD to get spiritual nurturing in Sunday School and VCS during summer.

Kristen Camilon is the only child of Danilo and Carlota Camilon and a product of the DLA having attended it since Nursery. She came out number three in class and exhibits interest and loving commitment to school and church activities. Kirsten is involved in the Jesus’ Kids’ Choir singing with much expression and making effort to apply the song’s message to her daily life.

Daniellie Fauni is the second and the youngest child of Raymond and Liza Fauni who were just recently awarded the DLA Parent Loyalty Special Citation for having sent all two children to the DLA since Nursery. She sings beautifully and has displayed this since she was a young child. Currently it is her gift in playing the piano that is unfolding being a piano scholar of the church for two years now under the Conference Program of Piano Yes!

Carl Japhet Gervacio is another DLA Grade 6 graduate this year, the eldest child of Bro. Joel and Teacher Cristy Gervacio who are both recognized church workers of LCSMC. Her mother, Teacher Cristy serves as DLA’s Head Teacher starting in June 2009. Japheth’s uninhibited ways in relating to classmates and adults may come across as obstinacy but this could be transformed into leadership if given a chance and if he also allows God to work in his life.

Siblings Patrick and Christian Luna are children of Shirley and Manuel Luna, third and fourth children respectively. They both attend Sabang Public Elementary school and are visible in the Children’s Church as well as VCS classes.

Siara Nina Matro is a timid young girl but very faithful and diligent in attending classes. She is always the “early bird” and has never been absent since the start of the Communicants’ Class in January. She is quiet and shy but very cooperative in class activities. Shaina is the third child of Sonny and Lody Matro.

Michael Ryan Rayco is the eldest of two children of Pamhila and Ronnie Rayco with Phamila being a regular member of SCCD since 2003 though hails from Panay in the Visayas. Michael may sometimes be tempted to skip Communicants’ Class to play and do more interesting activities for him but is obedient and respectful to his parents, easily making up for his mistakes.

John Michael Santos is the second and youngest child of Jun and MaryJane Santos residing at Mary Cris Complex. John is now in 1st year high school going 2nd year in Dasmarinas National High School, Via Verde San Agustin, Dasmarinas. John is the kind of child who knows what he wants and pursues it no matter how difficult things would be.

Cherlene Sapida is another only child graduate of DLA Grade 6 like Kirsten Camilon, of parents Ronnie and Ruby Sapida. She dances gracefully and has strong inclination to singing and playing the piano. Cherlene is well traveled both locally and in Singapore being the niece of Myrna Sapida-Chan who brings her along during her concert tours. Cherlene graduated Top Four in her class.

Khay Ann Saquilayan is the eldest child of Ralph and Dolor, also a product of the DLA Gr. 6 Batch 2008 and is now attending Imus Institute, 2nd year high school. Quiet and timid, Kay Ann’s smile is enough to melt a teacher’s heart.

Communicants Male Spiritual Adviser Female Spiritual Adviser
Almendral, Liezel Alvin Matro Sheila Sapida
Cahigsan,  Andrea Gene Paolo Dakis Mischelle Quezon
Csmilon, Kirsten Ronnie Sapida Irene Rimbon
Fauni, Daniellie Joey Belmonte Reylyn Siervo
Gervacio, Japeth Ramon Reyes Anjell Samonte
Luna, Christian Vic Fauni Aiiza Naty
Luna, Patrick John Belmonte Princess Mabbatung
Matro, Shaina Bhoodz Calungin Cristy Gervacio
Rayco, Michael Mark Daniel Pelagio Rylene Naty
Santos, John Michael Herbert Cantada Marlene Medina
Sapida, Cherlene Henry Sapida Sara Fauni
Saquilayan, Kay Ann Benward Abas Liza Ranieses