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Communicants Class Jan – Apr 2011


Communicants’ Class 2011 begins. Batch 2011 of Communicant’s Class had started on January 8 with 13 in attendance ages 12-15.  This class is the equivalent Membership/Discovery Class for young people but on a longer period of three months.  They are taught on the UCCP Statement of Faith, led to a walk on the history of the church from its beginnings in the Book of Acts to the present life of believers in a pluralistic world, and a life changed by Jesus Christ.  The Pastoral Team and the Board of Elders take turns in handling the session with Pastor Bea as the lead teacher as Pastor for CEN. This class will culminate in Water Baptism on Maundy Thursday, April 21 with a Retreat and Formal Reception during Worship Service.  They are also scheduled to go on an Educational Trip in historical places in Manila connected to the history of Protestantism in the Philippines.  Meanwhile, the first quarter batch of Membership Class for adults will be offered on February 12 and February 19. They will be received during worship on February 20.

Meet the Members of the Communicants’ Class Batch 2011!!. They are the newly-recognized regular church members of SCCD:

1) Marvin Almendral A graduating student of Disciples Learning Academy. He is second to the eldest among 5 children of Liza and Cenon. Cenon is the resident Carpernter of SCCD.  Marvin loves to play basketball and win friends. The lesson that made mark in him was Church History.

2) Jemimah and Junah Tubal are siblings.  Both of them are under  the care of their mother Glenda. Their father Crispin works at United Arab Emirates as auto electrician. Jemimah is enrolled at Fiat Lux while Junah is 2rd year High School in Kin Yang Academy.

3) Teresa Gene Dakis is a pride of his parents Eugene and Tess, a graduating student at Disciples Learning Academy. This quiet, timid girl has been faithful in her attendance at the Communicants’ Class every Saturdays. Regene is the youngest child of three kids residing at Mary Cris Subdivision.

4) Jupet Poculan is the youngest of two children of Tata and Ney Poculan. He loves to be hanging around in church and is a keen listener in discussions particularly on Church History.  His witty and friendly spirit makes the discussion every Saturday a lively one. Jupet is currently honing his gift to playing piano under piano lesson he attends at Park Place every Saturday afternoon.

5) Sheryl Relao shows enthusiasm in what she does as seen in her class attendance.  This always smiling young girl is the second to the eldest child of Zaldo and Violy and is a 1st year student of INH in Bucandala. Sheryl loves to sing.

6) Jayson Hayag is another Gr. 6 graduate of DLA. Jayson together with his brother and sister were musically gifted children, proof of which is Jayson’s Jesus’ Kids Choir membership and the latest is enrolling in the Drum Lesson program of SCCD. Jayson is the eldest child of Ely and Ruth.

7) Rachel Joyce Saquilayan. This quiet, timid girl has been faithful in her attendance at the Communicants’ Class. Joyce resides at Imus, and the eldest daughter of Roldan and Rhodora Saquilayan. Rachel like other Confirmed loves to sing.

8) Allysa Fauni is the second child to Neldina and Armando Fauni. AJ as called by her friends is very charming and witty, also a graduating student of Disciples Learning Academy. Singing is her talent.

9) Ghesa Marie Perlas is an active member of SCCD Music Ministry. She has been singing with Jesus Kids Choir and tambourine Dancer also.

10) Roselyn Amonggo loves to read the scripture every time reading is done in every session, Roselyn is born to Winnielinda and Rexaldo Amonggo, resides at  Mary Cris and shows passion in teaching children.

11) Mariel Guban is an active Sunday School teacher and Outreach teacher to Simborio Outreach children. Mariel has been joining the CYF and has shown interest to care for the children both in the Local church and Outreach Posts.

12) Izza Apolinar has interest and skills in singing and teaching children. Izza was born to Vivian and Dionisio Apolinar in Los Banos Laguna. It was in the 90’s that their family has finally found haven at Mary Complex in Sabang.

Communicants went on an Exposure Trip to some Churches and historical sites in Manila on Saturday March 19. Places they passed by and visited were the Cathedral of the Holy Child(Philippine Independent Church), UCCP Cosmopolitan Church, Manila Cathedral (Roman Catholic), Fort Santiago, UCCP National Office and Union Theological Seminary. This visit to churches and historical sites is part of their deepening and reinforcement of lessons on Church History and worship.

*** The Communicant Class Field Trip Photos

2011 Water Baptism and Reception will begin on April 21, 2011 during a Day of Retreat at Sycip, Malabag, Silang. Expected to be baptized and received on this day as full members of SCCD are the 13 young adolescents who have been attending the Saturday classes since January 9. Spiritual advisers currently listed by the Pastoral Team are expected to attend the Retreat as Counselors and Spiritual Advisers.

The Communicants will be received as regular SCCD members on April 21, 2011 during the Maundy Thursday Service. Their Spiritual Advisers, listed below, are partners of men and women who will stand as witness to the Reception Ritual. These Spiritual Advisers are expected to guide the budding Church members by monitoring their regularity in attendance to church worship services, involvement in the CYF activities and sponsoring their Bibles and devotional booklets.

Communicant                              Spiritual Advisers

1.     Almendral, Marvin          Bhoods Calungin & Cristy Gervacio

2.     Amonggo, Roselyn         Lito Fauni & Linda Fulleros

3.     Apolinar, Izza Mae         Avin Matro & Sheila Sapida

4.     Dakis, Teresa Gene       Wilson Almanzor & Marlene Medina

5.     Fauni, Allysa                  Mark Daniel Pelagio & Agnes Cahigan

6.     Guban, Mariel                Vic Fauni & Aiza Naty

7.     Hayag, Jayson               Ronnie Sapida & Irene Rimbon

8.     Relao, Sheryl                 John Belmonte&Princess Mabbatung

9.     Saquilayan, Joyce          Paul Dela Cruz & Liza Ranieses

10.  Tubal, Junah                   Henry Sapida & Sarah Fauni

11.  Tubal, Jemimah               Romeo Remulla & Mischelle Quezon

12.  Perlas, Ghesan Marie     Gerry Pelagio & Keilyn Fauni

13.  Poculan, Jupet                Ramon Reyes & Ana Ferrer