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Creation Established God’s Ideal Man

At Creation God made Man and evaluated him as “GOOD.”
Thus God Established or defined what God’s Ideal Man is.

God’s New Friend
Before the Creator began to work, He planned and covenanted to create, test, and redeem creatures capable of eternal fellowship with Him. This new friend was the reason for all this vast, beautiful, complex physical existence and God’s final centerpiece. The rest is detail.

With Everlasting Life
The Creator gave His new friend, man, everlasting life. God could not commune with a soon-to-expire being. An eternal perfect God couldn’t give life that included death. Death is an enemy. Everlasting life was what man lost when “he surely died” as a consequence of original sin. In the beginning man was free of death, disease, decay and pain.

In His Own Image
To be God’s eternal friend, MAN was created like God in many ways. Man was given finite versions of God’s infinite powers so man could imitate God’s ways and emulate His nature —just as the Bible tells us to be and do now. He was a 3-part being with body soul and spirit.

Highly Intelligent
He was highly intelligent —he named the animals in 1 day. God could not commune with a brute Neanderthal. Since then man’s mental power has deteriorated because of sin. It is estimated that modern man uses only a small part of his brain.

From Dust

Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into
his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. (Gen 2:7)

An important Biblical Worldview truth is that man was made from dust —the most worthless, troublesome substance on earth. Not even water for adhesion. From this worthless material God made His highest creature. The lesson is striking —we have no inherent worth of our own. Only God’s work on us, in us, and through us gives us value. That is the Biblical basis for understanding self-worth. The idea that man arose from some smart animal using some internal power is a surefire formula for arrogance.

I say to every man among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think;
but to think so as to have sound judgment. (Rom 12:3).

With a Free Will
Man was given a free will so he could willingly love and obey his Maker. God could not commune with a zombie.

Perfect But Not Another God
When perfect God completed His creation work and pronounced “everything was good” man had been created perfect. A perfect God couldn’t deny Himself by creating otherwise. This was Man in his NORMAL close relationship to God —any other condition for man is less than God intended or wants. But man was designed with limits on all his physical attributes so that we can never become self-sufficient. We need our Creator to also sustain us —and always will —even in eternity. The diverse life-forms from the hand of the Creator reveal that He could have given man greater physical powers, (such as sight like eagles, or power to live in water like dolphins or run as fast as antelope) but He deliberately chose to limit man’s physical powers, so we could see our dependence on Him and that the greatest dimension in life is not physical but spiritual.

Man’s Designed High EstateExactly as God wanted Man To Be.
Man’s original condition —direct from the Creator’s hand —reveals vital truths. This NORMAL state establishes all that we lost in the fall and all that salvation will restore. When Jesus —the second perfect man to walk the earth —came, He revealed this same ideal. (Secularists picture Jesus as a wimp.) Man is not advancing toward some alien life form like superman with exaggerated physical powers and insignificant spiritual powers. God has already revealed man’s greatest form in Adam and Jesus. These were God’s ideal, perfect men.

Perfect Environment
God’s offspring was placed in a perfect environment where he and Holy God could “walk” together. Sin and death could not then and still cannot be blamed on man’s environment.

Now Dying and Deteriorating
After creation was finished and perfect, man used his freewill and chose evil. Sin intruded and destroyed the norm. Sin was accompanied by death, disease, decay and all that the Bible calls ‘enemies.’

(taken from http://www.lifedesign.ca/c_stakeman.html)