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EY 2011 – 2012 CRO Officers


Church Recognized Officers (CRO)  were elected respectively according to organization. They were installed to their various offices on May 29, 2011 together with the Church Leaders.



Chairperson: Elder Willie Ramos Auditor     Shirly Fauni
Vice Chairperson: Cecilia Mendoza UCM        Arthur Fulleros
Secretary:    Shiela Sapida CYF         Allyan Jell Samonte
Finance Sec.:Ma. Ney Poculan CYAF      Teena Saquilayan
Treasurer:  Shonie Fauni CWA        Elder Taleng Cantada


Position Board of Elders Board of CE
Chairperson Willie Ramos (2011-’13) Jhem Fauni (2011-’13)
Vice Chair Remy Gabriel(2011-’13) Mitchie Sapida(2010-‘12)
Secretary Miriam Gerero(2011-’13) Sheila Sapida (2011-’13)
Members Vic Fauni (2010-2012) Irene Rimbon(2010-‘12)
Lina Reyes (2010-2012) Teena Saquilayan(2011-’13)
Emma Acuña(2010-2012) Liza Ranieses(2010-‘12)
Leony Saquilayan(2011-’13) Lodie Matro (2011-‘13)


Position Board of Trustees Board of Deacons
Chairperson Cecilia Mendoza(2010-‘12) Ma. Ney Poculan(2011-’12)
Vice Chair Joey Belmonte2010-‘12) Allan Saquilayan (2011-‘13)
Secretary Monina Frani(2010-‘12) Nanette Barzaga(2010-‘12)
Members Lito Fauni (2011-’13) Tina Tirona(2010-‘12)
Jasper de Ocampo(‘11-’13) Violy Fauni 2010-‘12)
Wilson Almanzor (2011-’13) Angela Ferrer (2011-’13)
Angelo Calungin (2011-’13) Ellen Baysa(2011-’13)


Position CYF CYAF
President Allyan Jell Samonte Teena Saquilayan
Vice President Reylyn Siervo Cecille Dela Cruz
Secretary Anna Ferrer John Argie Mendoza
Treasurer Julienne Jeremy Reyes Cherry Tumbaga
Auditor Mark Daniel Pelagio Sheila Sapida
P.R.O. John Belmonte Henry Sapida
Mischelle Quezon Shonnie Fauni


Position UCM CWA
President Allan Samonte Natalia Cantada
Vice President Susan Mabbatung
Secretary Ellen Baysa
Treasurer Carleng Remulla Raquel Ramos
PRO Arthur Fulleros Emma Acuna