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CYAF Team Building Outing – Sep 2011


CYAF Team Building and Outing was a success!!! Some 27 members of the CYAF organization of SCCD came to Batis Aramin, a recreation Adventure Camp located at Lucban Quezon, on September 17, 2011 to unite and play as one and to enjoy God’s blessing of fellowship and friendship as one TEAM.

CYAF Team Building 2011 Photos 1

CYAF Team Building 2011 Photos 2

CYAF Team Building 2011 Photos 3


Reflections of a CYAF Attendee:

Trusting is Building Better Relationship

by: Eric Tumbaga

It was such a pleasure for me to share my personal thoughts and reflections on the recently held CYAF Team Building Fellowship last Sept 17, 2011 at Batis Aramin, Lucban Quezon. A very blessed day it was which enabled us to enjoy every activity on a fine weather and in a beautiful place. Though we arrived a little late than the expected arrival considering it’s really quite a long travel we had before reaching the site, excitement lingered.

I have attended quite a number of company team building activities before but still consider myself very fortunate to have one with CYAF. I had fun and enjoyed the experience I learned from the result of positive attitude. I knew each one of us carried the same result inside us, which was evident in our smiles.

Each of us gained new experiences,  considering most of the activities  were more on physical and also perspiring. These include activities requiring team efforts, strategies and individual participation. Realizing that all of us were tired yet moved to do the task was very challenging. Those activities made it possible for us to defeat our long time fears and weaknesses including negative perception on difficulties. A particular activity gladly gave us the opportunity to face reality and came to conclude on conquering them. Completing those obstacles made each one of us a new person (hope everybody did) without the fears and personal inhibition that may block us to become a positive motivator and inspiration to our significant other. The activities gave us the thought: would this be physical, psychological or emotional?

All the team and individual experiences during the team building activities in some ways can be related to the phrase stated in our Biblical text found in John 17:21 as we journey together in this month’s theme of Solidarity: John 17:21 says  “21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us.”

Each of us may never gain such confidence and courage during the activity without showing team spirit, team work, motivation and specially the trust shown by each member of the team for our one common goal. Every member has shown their role and contribution in every part of the activity that strengthens and gave us motivation to finish or complete the task. Consequently, without each one, the activity will either be harder or achieving the goal may be very difficult. This made me think “Why does the word TEAM has no letter I in it?” I referring to myself on the word TEAM”, because I (myself) alone can’t be called a team or will never be a team; where a team should be a group of two or more individuals that form into one, with one mission, one objective to achieve, one goal.

Relatively, this reality is also the same with what we do or show on our “real life as a team”. Our GOD where we truly show TRUST on surrendering our entire burden to Him, giving all our faith that bind us as a team with Him, reminds me also of the word Christian, without Christ I Am Nothing  and will never be in a team.

Our Family, I also call it a team, where each of the member plays significant role in our lives. The father who is our foundation, mother the light of our home and the children who are the joy and happiness gives color in life. (Father And Mother I Love You). And to Our Church where we show our individual contribution, participation and calling as a member of the church and Christian community that strengthen each member’s faith and trust in Him. This includes our support to the leaders of the Church as One Team, One Family, with One God, because we cannot do it alone.

As I reflect on our Team building activity as whole, I am convinced that the foundation of any meaningful  relationship be it with God, family, friends and other people is Trust; and, trust is the result of effective communication and investment in building better and brighter relationships.


Eric Tumbaga is an Industrial Engineer who works with Amkor Technology Philippines as Space Planning and Layout Project engineer. Brother Eric shared to us his expertise as he laid out our medical mission traffic flow in the recent mission work at SCCD in August. Eric is also an active member of the Christian Young Adults married to Cherry and has 2 children Chelsea and Gabriel.