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CYF Retreat – Oct 2011



3D (Dedicated Discipline for Discipleship) is the theme of the CYF Retreat 2011

Held at REHOBOTH Retreat Center at Kaymisas, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Bailen, Cavite on Oct. 29, 2011 with 25 attendees. A day of refreshing, reflection and offering themselves to be used by  the Lord is what the youth aimed to deliver as they continuously serve in the ministry and encouraged everyone to disciple others. The retreat was under the leadership of the pastoral team and the humble leaders of the CYF. Opening worship was prepared by the officers and a whole day of reflective responses were observed. The property that was used for this event was managed and owned by Pastor Dan and Menith Villalobos of Victory Christian Church

SCCD CYF Retreat Photos


RETREAT  Reflection

by: Trisha Mendoza

Dedication and Discipline for Discipleship (3D), this was the theme for our retreat last October 29, 2011 and was held on Pastor Dan and Minette Villalobos residence in Bailen, Cavite. The pastoral team organized this activity for the youth, for us to become more familiar with God and to become  good disciples. The said retreat was attended by 28 youth.

Our first activity is to make something using the malong that represents our character/ personality before we join the retreat.  I made a plant because plants can endure different weather; the weather represents struggles and problems in life. I have the wisdom to solve them because God will not give problems that cannot be solved. After the retreat I will become a tree, strong and fruitful tree.

1 Corinthians 7:17-24 says that “obeying the Lord at all times” Pastor Ronell was the one who initiated the morning BTR. In my own reflection, God chose every one of us so we should not change. When God chose us He was not bothered of our sins. We just have to repent and obey His commands. God paid a great price for us. So don’t become slaves of sin. Be free and obey God’s will.

Pastor Ronell and Pastor Bea led us in 2 different games called Alphabet game and the other one was the paper airplane game. There was no time limit but we have to finish the task as fast as we can. They divided us into 2 groups. We all thought that both games were easy to finish but It’s not. We have to dedicate our time and effort to make the paper airplane and to find different things in the house. We should also have discipline and perseverance in shooting the paper airplane in the hula hoop. It’s like praising and obeying God. We have to dedicate ourselves for Him. We have to be disciplined for us to avoid mistakes and sins.

As a whole, in this retreat we learned that it’s easy to dedicate our time and effort to Someone that we love and are special to us. We love God so we give our time and effort to praise Him and glorify His name.   We should have discipline in everything that we do in order for us to obey God’s will. And lastly, we should be a good disciple of God and in order for us to be a good disciple we should know if we personally know God, teach children about Him, spread the word of God and never stop learning things about Him.