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Christian Youth Camp – May, 2010

YOUTH CAMP 2010 held.

This year’s Youth Camp with the Theme: PC for SALE (Personal Commitment for Serving and Living Enthusiastically) was held at KOTA VERDE, an organic farm resort situated in Marahan 1 ,Kaimisas, Bailen where Pastors Bea, Ronell and kids had their usual family retreat. The place owned by Ferdie Pascua, a businessman who hailed from Bailen and works in Quezon City, offered the place for free. His families have a big heart for youth actively working in spreading the Good News. Some 38 young people joined the camp with 10 Camp counselors, 7 Staff and Adult companions.

The young people were taught to eat vegetable salad served by our adult companions during the camp – Wilma Pelagio, Daisy Reyes and Geraldine Siervo.

Exciting learning activities made our young people go home inspired with the message of Christ’s life and ministry.  It was a life changing experience. Our evaluation result says camp indeed was so special and it has opened doors for our young people to walk the path of faith. Some of them are now attending the Thursday Bible study with the theme: Equipping Leaders to Servanthood.


Reflection on the Youth Camp:

Personal Commitment for Serving and Living Enthusiastically

by Chelsea Reyes

The SCCD conducted the youth camp last May 11-14, 2010. Lots of youth joined the camping for them to know the word of God and to know Him more. There are activities that we need to be brave and be determined in each attempt.

That camping experience gave me the familiar emotions. I became happy; there are times that I had to face my weaknesses, been sad because I was miles away from my parents. But even though there are kinds of emotions like these, God never left me. He strengthened me. And even though my parents were not there to protect and take care of me, I learned to do all those things by myself.

A Biblico-Theological Reflection on “I SERVE” an article was read to us on “What if God has an answering Machine?” This was the question that marked my head. Fortunately, God doesn’t have any answering machine. If it happens, the machine tells you this, “Sorry, all angels are busy right now. Please pray again later.” It will be hard, right? So let us not ignore God. Let us thank Him, for He personally listens and answer our prayers. Let us always remember that God helps us in every problem.

“The Mud Crawl”, one of the obstacles that we played impressed a message on my head too. I learned that we need to saddle first before we reach our goals. But once you had reached your goal, it doesn’t mean that you should just enjoy your life. You should recall the circumstances that you made as a person, circumstances where you started, began to learn. Remember that from the start, you had been hard-bitten, and God answered your prayers that caused you to get what you need not only want in a good way. You must strive, you must be determined, must thank God because He is the success behind your dreams.

Let us all praise the Lord. We thank him for the increasing number of young people who continue to praise Him.

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