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Even a Mustard Seed

God can work miracles through the smallest act of faith

READ Judges 6-7

When God calls us to step out in faith, it’s always in the context of growing our relationship with Him. Even though Israel had abandoned Him for idols, He was determined to deliver them from oppressors and once again welcome them into His fold. And while Gideon was insecure, the Lord addressed His servant as He saw him—as a “valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12). To make him ready for the task ahead, God gave Gideon several challenges. Each time this once fearful man responded in obedience, he gradually was transformed more into the mighty leader God desired him to be.

We, too, often fear the risks that the Lord calls us to take. But He promises to meet us where we are and lead us from strength to strength as we trust Him (Psalm 84:5-7). That’s when anything becomes possible (Matthew 17:20).


Think and pray about the following questions, journaling your answers if possible.

1. Gideon was transparent about his fears and repeatedly asked for confirmation. What does God’s response in the story potentially reveal about His attitude toward your fears and what He requires of you?

2. List Gideon’s acts of obedience. What did each one accomplish in him? Now list some things the Lord called you to do. If you have obeyed, how have they changed you and allowed Him to work in your life?


Meditate on these truths about how God interacts with us when we respond in faith. For a more in-depth study, see the supporting scriptures.

  • The Lord has compassion on us when we struggle with belief, and He works through our choice to come to Him as we are (Mark 9:14-29).
  • Jesus is overjoyed when we express our trust in His power to do what He says (Matt. 8:5-13).
  • Even when our faith falters in the midst of answering His call, He is quick to reach out and rescue us (Matt. 14:22-33).
  • While God doesn’t owe us explanations, He understands our fears and often addresses them directly (Acts 9:10-19).
  • The Lord doesn’t work in our lives just to see us exercise faith; He wants us to come face to face with Him and receive His love (Mark 5:25-34).

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