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Every Parent’s Responsibility

READ | Ephesians 6:4

God commands us to train sons and daughters in His way. This involves expressing love to our children and living out our faith. This will show our children our relationship with the Father.

Training our children also has other essential components. First are words and actions. Children hear what we say and watch what we do. Beware of teaching them with words while demonstrating something different with your life. For example, a father might tell his five-year-old not to hurt a classmate’s feelings. If this man acts critical toward his wife, the child will be confused. When words and actions contradict, kids usually imitate the worst behavior.

The next component for training our children involves our understanding of each child. Everyone is unique from birth. As parents, we’re responsible to know each child’s distinctiveness and train accordingly. Our role is to become an expert about what motivates, frustrates, and instructs kids individually.

Finally, when it comes to training our children have a plan of action. Rearing a child the way God intends involves a purposeful plan. Some parts may be “programmed,” like a scheduled daily prayer time. Other aspects may include being alert to “teachable moments.” For example, when a situation comes up in your child’s life, a parent can say, “I wonder what God would think about this.” Parents and children can then look for the answers in His Word.

Excuses like busyness or lack of spiritual knowledge are unacceptable. When God tells us to do something, we should obey, even if it requires sacrifice. All parents can find time to love their kids and teach them to walk as the Lord commands.

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