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Evidence of God’s Love


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting live” (John 3:16)

This is the great truth of the most familiar and best loved verse of the Bible — that the cross was evidence of God’s love.

People sometimes look for God’s love in nature. The warm sunshine, the gentle rain, the blooming flowers of the fields, the romantic moon, the pretty rainbow. But there’s no guarantee that God is always in nature. No, the love of God can’t always be seen in nature.

When Christian talk about God’s love being made known, therefore, they must point to something as evidence. According to the Bible, the evidence is the cross. Because Jesus Christ is God’s Son, His death was a profound declaration of God’s love.

God has shown His love for humanity but at a great lost—the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus died a terrible death to make our salvation possible. He agonizes before God the Father in the garden of the Gethsemane until His blood becomes like great drops of blood falling to the ground. He is arrested like a criminal. Tortured, mocked and derided with a crown of thorns. He stumbles under the heavy wooden beam He is forced to carry to His place of execution. He hangs there of the cross with His nail pierced hands on the cross; Jesus endured the agony of hell for you and me.

In John 12:24-26 we clearly see the law of the harvest: A seed must die before it can produce a plant. Jesus Christ was the seed that had to die. Yet His death produced spiritual life for all who would trust Him. We are the fruit of His suffering and death.

We must take the way of the cross, the way of dying to our own selfish desires if we are to bear the kind of fruit that God Created us to produce. (Ephesians 2:8-10) There was the story of a young girl, aged ten who was born of a religious family. Deep inside, she felt empty.  There was the desire to be accepted by God but she did not know how.

One day, her grandmother sent her to the church to ask for a bottle of holy water from the bishop. On her way home, she drank all the holy water from the bottle because she wanted so much to be accepted by God.

The forgiveness of sins and acceptance by a holy God can only be found at the cross and not in a bottle of the holy water. Each one of us has a cross to carry. Jesus made our cross easy to bear and our burden is light and we find joy knowing Jesus lives in us.

Carry your cross and live a life full of joy because Jesus has made the following changes in our lives. These are:

Reconciliation—We are at peace with God.

Justification—We are declared right before God.

Redemption—We are ransomed from sin and condemnation.

Propitiation—We are free from God’s wrath.

Prayer: “Lord, help me carry my cross with joy. Teach me to walk daily with Jesus”. Amen