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EY 2011-2012 Standing Committees – June 2011


The Council in its 1st regular meeting for this EY 2011-2012 on June 19, 2011 constituted the members of the various standing committees as follows according to representations:


BOE Remy Gabriel BCE Mitchie Sapida
BOT Angelo Calungin DLA Cristy Gervacio
BCE Jhem Fauni BOD Ma. Ney Poculan
BOD Allan Saquilayan BOE Lina Reyes
CYF Anjell Samonte Member-at-large Willie Ramos
Personnel Committee Church Workers Call Committee
BOT Chairperson Cecille Mendoza BOE Chairperson Willie Ramos
Finance Secretary Ma. Ney Poculan BOE Vice Chairperson Remy Gabriel
Treasurer Elder-at-Large (non-ruling) Juliet Dayrit
Anniversary Committee
Chairperson Willie and Raquel Ramos
Members Allan Saquilayan – PCC and Choir 

Ma. Ney Poculan – FinSec

Tess Candelaria – Food Committee

Arthur Fulleros – UCM Representative

Natalia Cantada – CWA President

Teena Saquilayan – CYAF President

Anjell Samonte – CYF President

Gerry Pelagio  – Physical Arrangement

Ruby Sapida – Physical Arrangement

Sheila Sapida – Medical Mission