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Heaven Cartoons

HEAVEN.. is that plain of existence beyond our comprehension.
– Heaven is life beyond our failing physical bodies for those who believe and honor God.
– Heaven is that plain where we are reunited with friends, family, and fellow believers,
– Heaven is that plain where we will live eternally with our loving creator

Heaven or Hell, you choose!














It’s not what you know.. it’s WHO ya know…














ACLU lawyers reach the Pearly gates…














They spent all their entire earthly existence fighting against any public displays of the 10 Commandments, school prayers, nativity displays at Christmas, etc etc only to find every facet of life in Heaven shouting the praises of God, His perfect laws, and His perfect grace.













The whole topic of handicap accessibility in public settings on Earth are no longer an issue past the Pearly Gates. Imagine no sickness, no pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, blindness, or any other limitation in the perfect eternity so HEAVEN NEED NOT BE.. handicap accesible .















HEAVEN NEED NOT BE.. handicap accessible. Imagine you have no idea on how you will spend eternity in the perfect Heaven!















There will be those Pearly gate rejections at the Pearly gate Information Desk!
















If you simply BELIEVE & OBEY the God of our Bibles then be assured when the Roll is Called Up Yonder U-R-IN!













Going to Heaven is NOT based on …
1. how Close your home on earth was to church,
2. if you Attended the early service,
3. and Interview process or
4. an entrance exam.














With all those clouds there is the dilemma of Lost Contacts and Lost golf balls.















I think that is Abraham and Honest Abe Lincoln CHATTING over by the angel they call Floyd.. who is just happy to be in Heaven and is known as The LEAST of angels.














Leisure Time in Heaven … So much time (eternity) and so much to do leads to some more mischievous angels dropping Waterballoons on those suspecting down on Earth















HALO-HOOPS can be found humorous by some but not so funny to others when a ball goes bouncing off their heads














more mischievous Angels creating – Thundershowers….















I suspect my good friend Ron started the FIRST FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE in Heaven















… and Heaven makes a great cup of coffee.















Holidays in Heaven. In Heaven we will wish you a Merry Christmas rather Happy Holidays.














Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration in Heaven as we serve a wonderful God and so Thanksgiving is what our lives should be about. Finally, we even enjoy Halloween. No dark images only candy and fun as the locals dress up in costumes though there are from time to time those who have been addressed for inappropriate costume attire. Enjoy Halloween in Heaven.