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Hell Cartoons















Jesus death on the cross is enough to throw Satan to the pit of hell! We have victory over Satan through Jesus!















Stop fooling us Satan!















Jesus is the only Light of the World! Stop lying Satan.















How many more would you deceive?















The father of lies received a father’s day card? Haah!















Lou? Do you make your name appealling to get us?















Help I hate the cross, said Satan!















Under the Light of Jesus, every guile is visible















Once you’re in hell, you’d be in hell forever! Better decide where you want to spend eternity while there’s still time.















Savior to those who follow you!! Not the followers of Jesus.















It’s judgment day once you die, idiot! No more turning back!















Liar! Liar! Liars go to hell!















Just the choir? You want everybody to go to hell Satan!















Pray without ceasing so Satan will run away!














Always trick and no treat? But your treat is treacherous.




TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL… ( a curse of irony )
Ahhh, with a title like this you would suspect I am a bit caffeine-ated over my concerns with DARK FORCES. Maybe.. maybe not. Anyways.. to hell with him.

To hell with his schemes, to hell with his plans.. to hell with his defiance of the God we serve. To hell with his torments, to hell with his temptations, to hell with the emptiness he offers, to hell with the darkness he slithers in, and the rocks he slithers under.

My only real concern in writing this is that there may be some readers that are more concerned with me using the word HELL in this context, than you are concerned with the hell Satan creates here on earth.

But anyways, I am going to smile ( ironically with a devilishly grin) and remember that after all the HELL he has shared with mankind, for all the wars, the Hitlers and Husseins, the Stalins, the Holocausts, the Lions and Christians in the Roman Coliseums, and in the end so many have suffered because of more than just man giving in to Satans lures, and hatreds, and evil.. MORE THAN THIS.. and more than man’s role and responsibility there still SLITHERS SATAN.

So GO TO HELL SATAN!! What’s that you say Satan? you are there already?? Well get used to it. Is it hot enough for you?? To hell to the sadness and despair you inspire.. to hell to the loneliness and fears you encourage.. to hell with the rage you fuel. To hell with the hopelessness, and the mocking you whisper in our ears. To hell with your plans.. TO HELL WITH YOU!! OBTW while you are turning ever slowly in eternities rotisserie.. thank you for inspiring me to receive God’s free grace and love and forgiveness, and ultimately eternity in Heaven.

When I think of the damage he has done, and will do and no matter who he tragically takes along with him.. in the end.. in the very end.. I will smile that this source of madness, and hatred, and controlled evil will be eternally damned to hell. The phrase eternal punishment never sounded so good as when it relates to the devil.

Well.. hey.. I know I scared many of you today, but I feel much better. Better because my life has hope, your life has hope.. we will stumble, we will fall, we will face trials, and our fears, but we live by grace.. not by our perfection, or even our relative goodness. So while my TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL momentary attitude may give my a bit of a raging sense of relief that this SNAKE will get his in the TRUE END.. and while this does bring a mean smile to my face.. and a bit of guilty pleasure in my GET EVENISM attitude towards Satan.. the real smile I have, and you should have is the smile of a sinner saved by grace. Remember.. God does NOT need you or me, but more importantly he wants us! Grace and forgiveness are true gifts from our perfect creator, and are the one true hope for mankind. Guilt and Despair are only the result of an unrepentant heart, and of a grace unrealized.

May God give you the smile of peace that he is in control… and when life appears to have GONE TO HELL.. that is the devil talking. So let’s live in the light and truth of God, and not deceived in the darkness and lies of Satan.

One last comment. I am not looney. Most days you will find me wandering my world smiling and focused on my deep personal faith that I intend to affect my public cartooning policies. Today was just a day of therapy.. a little ‘scream therapy for the soul’… but life is about Jesus being my answer, and my direction. I pray this is true for you too.

By Jeff Larson, The Back Pew