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Highlights of Decades 1 to 4

1926 – 1936 (First Decade)


Damaso tirona, the Founder and Father of Sabang Church of Christ Disciples.











Damaso Tirona – the Founder and Father of Iglesia Kristiyana (Disipulos de Cristo) now known as Sabang Church of Christ Disciples.

  • A lively worship and fellowship were experienced under the leadership of Damaso “Asong” Tirona and Juliana Tirona-Sapida. Other active members were Antonio Sayoto, Damian & Gregoria Remulla, Luis Taganas, Pedro Mendoza, Quirino Villanueva, Eleuterio Magsino and Fidel Familiar. In the women’s group were Juliana Tirona – Sapida, Icang Legaspi, Emilia Cantada Tapawan, Basilia “Ilyang” Legaspi, Barbara Sapida-Lapidario, and Pilar Tapawan who took charge of the elements for the weekly Celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Meetings were held mostly at Damaso “Asong” Tirona’s and Benigno “Ignoy” Sapida’s place.
  • Some of the youth that time were Julia Tirona-Hayag, Trinidad Sapida-Medina, Catalina Taganas-Villanueva, Paula Tapawan-Espejo, Concepcion Remulla-Tirona, Encarnacion Javier-Hembrador, Gloria Javier-Sico, Romana Cadatal Sapida, Potenciana Taganas, Elena Frani, Isabel Magsino, Antonia Paredes-Frani, Benjamin Tirona and others whose names may not anymore be recalled but played a part in the life of the church.










Damian and Gregoria Remulla and their children – the whole family were very active and faithful followers of Jesus Christ


  • The hospitality of  Damaso Tirona in caring for the Church Pastors and Missionaries by letting them stay in his residence and attending to their needs was carried on by his son Benjamin and daughter-in-law Concepcion.
  • In 1928 a small church was built at the property of Damaso Tirona with a small altar the stones of which were taken from the river. Small and narrow benches were used for sitting.
  • By 1933 the theatrical gifts of some church members began to bloom. A drama depicting Christ’s birth was shown with Andres Cadatal playing Joseph, Trinidad Sapida-Medina as Mary and Dominador “Adong” Fauni as one of the scribes.
  • Tinidad Sapida-Medina assisted Sis. Orang Litao in the Children Sunday School.










Trinidad “Trining” Sapida-Medina – a very talented and active member who used her talent in teaching Sunday School and in Drama. Created props for children to use. Later instrumental in renovating the old church.

1936 – 1946 (Second Decade)

  • In the last years of 1930 the church was not spared from the chaos and troubles of World War II. Despite all these, the church continued its mission of preaching the Gospel. Through it all, they went on with more faith in Jesus.
  • Pastor Laureano Banda replaced Pastor Amando Litao who moved to Hermosa, Bataan. More church workers came, Pastor Juan Baronia, Pastor Ramon Vicente
  • In 1938, Pastor Juan Baronia baptized many children of adult members of the church.Julia Tirona-Hayag, Trinidad Sapida-Medina as Sunday School Teachers continued to teach with Nene Sapida-Frani, Guillerma Remulla-Reyes, Gavina “Binang” Lapidario- Olaes, Ester Remulla-Torre, Nonilon Sapida and Manuel Sapida Sr. as learners.
  • World War II raids prevented church members from going to church for Sunday worship. Shelters were built for hiding during raids with men guiding the children first followed by the women.
  • In later years, Dionisia Cadatal and Florentina “Puring” Almonte Calungin and her children, Bining Mendoza-Mendez joined the “Disciples” and became members of this church.

1946 – 1956 (Third Decade)

  • Rebuilding of the chapel partially destroyed by World War II with the help of an American Missionary Dr. Owen Huber and Huber-Higdon fund.
  • Rev. Juan Garcia and Rev. Pedro Banda served as church workers during this decade who came only during Sundays.
  • In 1946, Pastor Ramon Vicente Sr. gathered church members from San Jose and Sabang to worship together. Gloria Javier- Sico and Jake Sico and children returned to SCCD. In 1946-1951, the hardwork of Pastor Amando Litao in evangelism encouraged worshippers from San Jose, Dasmariñas like Fructuoso Silva and children by Cleotilde namely Ruben, Leonor, Benjamin and Ester and second wife Rosita Abner-Silva to join the church. The Javier family, Gloria Javier-Sico and Encarnacion Javier-Hembrador also served Sabang Disciples. Bible Study and choir were under the guidance of Pastor Billy Hayuhay.
  • Different activities enriched the faith of SCCD. Bible Study continued, and talents in acting and singing found its rebirth. Jesus birth was given life by Nonilon Sapida as Joseph & Mary was Ester Remulla-Torre. Pastor Billy Hayuhay led the choir composed of Conchita Tabing-Toledo, Ester Remulla-Torre, Leonor and Ester Silva, Manuel Sapida, Nonilon Sapida and many more.
  • Trinidad Sapida-Medina or “Kap. Trining” was a joy and blessing to the children whom she taught and made costumes especially when they played the role of angels
  • In 1949, Sabang Disciples hosted the Jurisdictional Convention attended by delegates from the different Disciple churches of South Luzon Jurisdiction. It was at this time when Pastor Luis Javier stumbled which caused him to stop attending worship services until he died.
  • In 1951, members from San Jose separated and worshipped at the garage of Resurreccion Javier-Hembrador. They organized another Disciples Church in the lot of Gloria Javier-Sico in 1953 but by 1959 they separated from UCCP Disciples Church and joined Church of Christ New Testament.
  • Stronger ties made alive the Disciples Churches of Cavite because of their joint Sunday worship in the afternoon once every month. This occasion included Disciples churches from Binakayan, Cavite City, Carmona, Naic, Noveleta and Sabang.
  • Other church workers in this decade were Pastor Policar of Noveleta and Pastor Hayuhay serving both the Disciples Church of San Jose and Sabang.
  • Renovations were made in the church sanctuary. Walls were made concrete, roof raised and altar widened. The floor of the sanctuary was cemented and tiles with design were put on the aisle. Long and wider benches were made, curtains and hangings were donated by Trinidad Sapida-Medina. She also made the choir gowns being a seamstress.
  • In 1952-1955, Pastor Inocencio Villamil served the church on Sundays. Worship was made lively through the talents of the Medina family. They recited poems, sung and conducted balagtasan. Trinidad Sapida-Medina, Helen Medina-Tantan and Milagros Medina-Sim were the mother-daughters team.
  • The coming in 1954-1955 of Bro. Danilo Dizon, who became the Director of the choir, brought joy and more life to the church because of his expertise in choir conducting especially in the singing of Hallelujah Chorus. The SCCD choir was always invited to sing in the different big churches in Manila and DZAS, the only Christian radio station in the Philippines and Far East Asia.
  • Every Christmas the choir went caroling in Metro Manila, boarding a Medina Transit Bus provided by the owners Mariano and Trinidad Sapida-Medina.

Worship Service in the ’50s

1956 – 1966 (Fourth Decade)








The first Joint Fellowship of the Cavite Churches of Christ (Disciples) and Churches of Christ (Matthew 16:18).

  • 1960 -On the first month of 1960 (January), the Iglesia ni Cristo (Disipulos) requested to have a meeting with the Matthew 16:18 council for the purpose of cooperation. The first meeting of the two factions was held at the worship house of the Disipulos in Merced, Paco, Manila. Present were the leaders of the Disipulos namely: Leon M. Bana, Aurelio Castro, Laureano Banda and Vicente Policar. While on the other side were Cornelio Gonzales, Valeriano T. Gonzales, Regalado B. Manimtim, and Rogelio Y. Gonzales. Bana spoke about Restorationof the Iglesia ni Cristo (Disipulos). Ptr. Roger reviewed thoroughly the history and doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Disipulos). At the end of their talks, they agreed to help one another, set aside their Constitution & By-laws, instead concentrate on their thrust “Back to Bible” and planned to have the next meeting at Noveleta, Cavite. In their next meeting in Noveleta, Cavite, no one from the Disipulos leaders attended the meeting except Mr. Policar who is the District Preacher in the whole province of Cavite. Ptr. Roger was always with Rev. Policar in visiting and preaching at the churches of the “Disipulos” in Cavite until he became the leader who assigned the preacher to help them. And they welcome with enthusiam the “Back to the Bible” mission giving emphasis to studying the Bible. The news that there was joy and unity in Cavite reached San Pablo and Nepomuceno, Tondo and P Guevarra, Sta. Cruz. There was jealousy on the part of the “Disipulos” and they plan to destroy the unity in Cavite. That time, they were planning to join the United Church of Christ in the Philippines(UCCP). In the morning of the latter part of 1960 (December), Bro. Roger was summoned by Rev. Vicente Policar of Noveleta and Bonifacio Sapida of Malagasang 2nd, Imus, Cavite and met at the house of Mrs. Trinidad Medina in Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas, Rizal to talk about important issues. Ptr. Roger was told by the Cavite Disipulos that they will not join UCCP and will become independent if Ptr. Roger will register as one of the “Disipulos” ministers. They wanted Ptr. Roger to be the president. Ptr. Roger consulted with Ptr. Regalado Manintim, another head pastor of Matthew 16:18 and he objected to the plan which resulted to separation of the two groups until one day, after their meeting in that same house, they dissolved their group cooperation as per suggestion by Ptr. Regalado Manimtim.







Joint Fellowship of Cavite’s Church of Christ (Matthew 16:18) and Church of Christ (Disciples)

  • the Cavite Disciples of Christ Churches and Church of Christ (Matthew 16:18} joint worship and fellowship were under the leadership of Pastor Regalado Manimtim, Pastor Roger Gonzales, Pastor Valeriano Gonzales and Rev. Vicente Policar who took turns in the Sunday work at Sabang Disciples. and other Disciples Churches.  Jolly Bernal and Carding Gonzales, members of Matthew 16:18 Church, added joy to the young people of which Helen Medina Tantan was president. They conducted home visitation with David Balitaaan.







Click here for more pics of Sabang Disciples Young People – 1960

  • In 1961-1963, Pastor Edgardo Bejar and his wife Ester Bejar from Calamba, Laguna were commissioned by the Disciples Conference to work fulltime at Sabang Disciples. They became the first fulltime workers of the church after World War II. Their family stayed at the Sabang pastoral house.


Pastor Ed Bejar with Assistants – Wedding or Child Dedication?

On May 4, 1962, a group of SCCD Youths trained for VBS at Disciples Institute in Los Banos, Rizal