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Highlights of Decades 5 to 8

1966 – 1976 (fifth decade)

  • Return of Pastor Bejar and wife Ester back to Calamba due to health problems.
  • In December 1968, Myrna Sapida-Chan invited two youths from Bethel Temple, Evelyn Cunanan and Yoly Abalos, who brought the Pentecostal worship experience to SCCD. Some elders of the church did not understand and appreciate that event which led to the youth attending the prayer meeting at Malagasang Four Square. This happened in the time of Pastor Bejar.
  • After Pastor Bejar came Pastor Roger Neri who continued the pastoral work and invited different pastors from different churches and denominations for the Sunday Worship.

Church members preparing food for the Church anniversary

A group of women giving a special number. On the right is my mother, Empion Remulla Tirona, who continued the work left by my grandfather –  Damaso Tirona , the founder of SCCD.

  • In 1970, a spiritual revival was experienced through Pastor Roger Neri which prompted Myrna Sapida-Chan and Sis de Jesus to go out and hold an outreach in Malagasang I where they taught Sunday School for children which later on were continued by Sol Saulog-Reyes, Efren Frani, Thelma Tirona- Cunanan, Necy Saulog and Mely Lara. The family of Julita Camerino accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and worshipped at Sabang Disciples. Because of the increasing membership in Malagasang I, the Malagasang First Assemblies of God was born. It is recognized as the first daughter church of Sabang Disciples.
  • Pastor Camilo Prinsipe came and served for quite a number of years. It was during his term when the work of the Holy Spirit added color to church life. Sis. Myrna Sapida-Chan, Thelma Tirona-Cunanan and Pastor Nelson Frani studied at Bethel Bible College for their ministry.
  • In April 1974, Sis Violeta Tirona-Jardiniano sponsored the children of Chaling and Isidro Amargo namely Pat, Ira, Lav Amargo and their cousins Mar and Manny Jadiniano to attend the camping at Benguet with Sonia Sapida and Trudy “Tuding” Fauni as spiritual advisers. After the camping, Pastor Camilo Prinsipe, Sonia Sapida, Precy Sapida and Tessie Cantada of SCCD conducted Bible study and children’s church. The SCCD group also held evangelistic meetings in this place. This work was continued by Pastor Jennys Cabaluna and some youth namely Ruth, Miriam, Tessie, and Josie Camerino of Malagasang First Assemblies of God. This outreach gave birth to the Riverside Assemblies of God which, at present is called Dasmariñas Assemblies of God, the the second daughter church of Sabang Disciples.
  • In 1975, Sabang Disicples, Riverside Assemblies of God and Malagasang Assemblies of God worked hand in hand in the outreach at Paliparan, hometown of Bro Isidro Amargo. Pastor Prinsipe with some youth led by Sis. Trudy “Tuding” Fauni-Reyes assisted in the evangelism held in that place. The work was continued by Pastor Jennys Cabaluna, Ruth, Miriam, Tessie and Josie Camerino of Malagasang First Assemblies of God which became known as “Sambahan sa Nayon” but currently called “Blessed Hope Assemblies of God.” This is recognized as granddaughter of Sabang Disciples.

Church Anniversary Pic 1 in 1973

Church Anniversary Pic 2 in 1973

A Group of young people taken in 1975


1976-1986 (sixth decade)

  • The strong ties between Sabang Disciples and Bethel Bible College brought student graduates from this college namely Pastor Buddy Casaul, Pastor Romy Casaul (1973-1976) Jericho Cachola and Pastor Ricces Anciado.
  • Pastor Romy Casaul was church worker from 1976-1978
  • Pastor Nelson Frani worked for the church from July 1983 to 1993. In 1984, Disciples Learning Center was opened for pre-schoolers.

Sunrise Service  in 1985 Pic 1

Sunrise Service  in 1985 Pic 2

Sunrise Service  in 1985 Pic 3. Ptr. Cachola?

The Church Revival in the late ’60s through ’90s had a profound impact on the Church growth, spiritually and numerically

  • The year 1993 saw the industrialization of Cavite with the taking off of the CALABARZON program of the government (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal at Quezon). This economic development program opened Cavite to foreign investor. Rice fields and agricultural land were turned into factory complexes and subdivisions. Pastor Nelson Frani gave his best service to the church for ten years.
  • Because of the growing membership of the church and the need to have a legally owned lot, a lot was purchased in NIA road.
  • In 1987-1988, work at Paradahan, Tanza was opened through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Nelson, Marissa Del Rosario-Layaban, Nachi Saquilayan assisted in the church work. This started with the Bible Study at the house of Bro. Nardo. A Medical Mission of Billy Graham Crusade made Sabang Disciples more alive and persevering. Holy Blessing came into life and Pastor Fel Camia was the commissioned Outreach Worker.
  • Disciples Learning Center and the church were registered in SEC and Sis. Tess Cantada-Camia served as part-time principal of the school
  • Pastor Herlito Manalaysay served the church from 1993 to 19
  • From 1983 to 1995 a number of youth were sent to the Bible School particularly Bethel Bible School, Febias College and Philippine Missionary Institute by SCCD. These were Angelo Calungin, Andrimel Cantada, Ramon Del Rosario, Jesieto Fauni, Cristina-Saquilayan Gervacio, Herly Manalaysay, Noemi Sapida, Roel Sapida and Raymond Tapawan.

The Young People in 1989

The old SCCD Church building in 1990

1996 – 2006 (Eighth Decade)

  • 1996-2001, Pastor Carlos “Caloy” dela Cruz came to Sabang Disciples and rendered his services to SCCD from August 1996 to May 1999, until his election as first Conference Minister of Lowland Cavite South Manila Conference. Some accomplishments of the church and significant during his term were as follows:
  1. Revitalization of the different Church Recognized Organizations and re-involvement to UCCP
  2. Expansion of the Disciples Learning Center to Elementary program in 1998.
  3. Renovation of the old Pastoral house in 1998.
  4. Growing increase in church membership with the opening of subdivisions in Imus, Dasmariñas and Gen. Trias.
  5. Lot owned by the church at NIA Road was sold for the renovation of the pastoral hous
  6. Launching of Project Canaan in 1999, a fund-raising campaign program to pay the monthly amortization of the lot bought by the church owned by the Baria family located just across the original site of the church. The lot bought had a pending court case between Iluminada Baria and Celia Cantada et.al at the Dasmariñas Municipal trial Court since 199.
  7. Reclustering of local churches of Greater Manila Conference, Southeast Luzon Conference and Metropolitan Conference giving birth to new Conferences, the Lowland Cavite South Manila, United Metropolis, KTKK (Kumprensiya ng Timog Kanlurang Katagalugan), Southern Tagalog Conference and Northeast Southern Tagalog Conference. SCCD was reclustered to belong to LCSMC per action by the UCCP General Assembly.
  • Pastor Emman Revellame served as worker at SCCD when Pastor Caloy de la Cruz was elected as Conference Minister of LCSMC in 1999. Both of them served as workers during EY 1999-2000 regarded as “interim year”. After a year, Pastor Emman Revellame returned to General Nakar, Quezon, his hometown
  • Pastor Caloy remained worker at SCCD while serving as CM when Pastor Emman left. Pastor Leonardo Andaleon came to SCCD from January 2001 and worked up to May 2001.

2001 -May,2002

  • Pastor Samuel Torres served part-time pastor of SCCD. He preached during Sunday worship services and led the Thursday Bible Studies

June 2002 – May 2004

  • Pastor Noli Cababan served as full time Administrative Pastor. With his service to SCCD, Cell Group and Gatekeeping Ministries were opened in subdivisions and barangays nearby like Dexterville, Marycris, Simborio, NIA Road. A Medical Mission was conducted in 2003 in celebration of the 77th SCCD Founding Anniversary.
  • The architectural design of the new church building drafted by Brenda Cababan-Ilao, Pastor Noli’s daughter, was approved by the Church Council.
  • The Holy Blessing Christian Church, which was started by SCCD, hence considered her daughter, was recognized as a Local Church. The process, however, triggered some relational and communication problems among a few members resulting to a group splitting from Holy Blessing. This gave birth to Belvedere Outreach in April 2002 which the SCCD supports up to now.

2004 – Present

  • Pastor Calipay “Leng” P. Lubang was called to serve SCCD. She came August 2004 right after completing her further theological studies in the US. In the 24 months that she was in SCCD, the following significant developments occurred:
  1. April, 2004 -Belvedere Outreach Point. This is a fellowship of around twenty adults in Paradahan, Tanza, Cavite, which was adopted by Sabang Disciples in April 2004 with the vision of developing it to become a local church someday God willing. Bro. Angelo Calungin continues to provide pastoral service to this Outreach on Sundays with a Sacramental Pastor visiting at least once a month. This outreach just ventured in a livelihood project of pig raising through purchasing a mother pig. A capital fund of P6,000.00 was granted by SCCD.
  2. August 4, 2004 – coming out of the decision of the Court of Appeals regarding the church lot legal case in favor of SCCD. The winning of the said case vs. Celia Cantada et al inspired and moved the church to begin the building projects of both church and school.
  3. December 15, 2004 – turn-over of property to SCCD by the sheriff which allowed the church to claim it, start its clearing for the construction. Before the close of 2004 Project Nehemiah was launched, a fund raising activity to build the new church complex.
  4. January 30, 2005 – start of construction of church building with a seed money of P1.4M at a total cost of P10M; with the help of Pastor/Engineer Raul Nejudne of UCCP Cosmopolitan the structural design was drafted which is a basic requirement for application of building permit; cases of malicious mischief and robbery were filed against Trustee Raymond Fauni et al by the Cantadas as a result of demolition of the existing structures in the church property.
  5. April, 2005 – start of school building project with a seed money of P200,000.00; the building design and structure was drafted by Pastor/Engineer Raul Nejudne and supervising the project was his church member who just passed the board exam for Civil Engineer, Engr. Jack Bastes. This school building was constructed through the funds generated from the Invest-a-Cash scheme were individuals and groups loaned money to the school at a very minimal interest.
  6. May 2005 – visit of the pastor of SCCD sister church UCC Holmdel, New Jersey USA who is Rev. Rusty Eidmann-Hicks with Bro. Efren Frani. His visit strengthened the sister relationship between SCCD and Holmdel.
  7. July, 2005 – Signing of Mission Partnership agreement between SCCD and UCCP Tignoan during the 79th SCCD Anniversary wherein Rev. Eman Revellame was invited as speaker.
  8. December-April 2006 – Dismissal of the robbery court case filed against Trustee Raymond Fauni etal by Celia Cantada; auction sale of sequestered property from Cantada. Architect Ailene Royo joined the Church Construction team.

SCCD Church Before Moving to New Church

The New SCCD Building taken in Nov. 2011

SCCD Ground – Nov. 2011

Jolly Bernal of Matthew (16:18) and Naomi Reyes of Caridad Disciples visited SCCD in Nov. 2011

New Church Construction Pics

 EY 2012 – 2013 Hilite of SCCD Accomplishments

2012 Hilite of SCCD Acomplishments

EY 2011 – 2012 Hilite of SCCD Accomplishments