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2012 Hilite of SCCD Accomplishments



Giving Thanks to God for the Humbling Works Done by SCCD in 2012….


For Significant Church Events, Activities and Gifts Received


  • 23 young people graduated in the yearly Communicants’ Class Program of the Church held on January 7,2012 every Saturday at 10:00 am to 12 nn . The Pastoral Team will serve as teachers.
  • SCCD responds to UCCP call for Membership Renewal. 66% of the worshippers responded freely to the call for Membership Renewal on February 27, 2012, members drop their cards with their Annual Denominational Contribution (ADC) with a total amount of P3,070.00 as Annual Denominational Contribution.
  • Received 4 members in the roster of the Church members who attended the membership – DISCOVERY CLASS sessions.


  • Hosting of LCSMC East Cluster Fellowship.  About 20 Church Workers with 10 churches came to SCCD on October 21, 2012 for this mothly program of the LCSMC for Cluster fellowship.
  • Responding to the Church’s need of Family Ministry development through Pinag Isang Puso with Bea Hernandez as Speaker dubbed as WHY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH?. This year’s Pinag Isang Puso was held at Recuerdo’s Silang Cavite led by the Board of CE, sumptuous dinner was served to some 40 couple.
  • SCCD birthed her Church Workers. The Church was able to identify budding leaders and Church Workers who has undergone Pre-Ministerial Studies and will soon enter Seminary Education commencing June 2013. We are blessed to send to Ministerial Education Sis. Bethel Relao and Johannah Christine Belmonte.
  • Launching of Mission Challenge Series 3 with this years’ to do missions in Mindoro.
  • BCE members took part to Sunday School Teaching force in celebration of the CE month in September 2012, some maintained in the teaching ministry.
  • Launched a Dynamic Christian Education Month with the following Highlights: CEN and Children’s Sunday, Children’s Festival, UCM and CWA Sunday, CYAF and CYF Sunday, Teachers’ Empowerment Program II, FAMILY SUNDAY.
  • Increasing steadily number of attendees to Thursday Bible Study 7-8PM with the Life, Ministry and Miracles of Jesus as Curriculum under the leadership of the Pastoral Team.
  • SCCD Send Off Pastor Bea Hernandez to Ordination review and process on January 23 to February 3, 2012 and was ordained on May 12, 2012 at UCCP Ellinwood Malate Church during the 14th Annual Session of the LCSMC.
  • Celebration of Church Family Easter Celebration. About 50 people including children joined this year’s Church Family Celebration held at Church Grounds with exciting family games led by the Board of CE, a glass cross was used to illustrate Forgiveness that flows from the Cross of Jesus by using colored sand.
  • Held Vacation Church School 2012 focusing on Children’s plight and our contribution to become Bearers of Hope and Bridges of Love.  The UCCP Sabang continues to use NCCP material for this yearly program for Children during vacation time.
  • Hosting  the LCSMC Piano Yes and Other Events! Recital for the 4th time on June 2012 being the church with the most number of recitalists having 6 piano scholars and CYF Grand Fellowship on Februanry 19, 2012 with 230 young people on the Theme:Defend Your Title.
  • Board of Elders took part of SCCD Worship Life by leading the Christmas Simbang Gabi as exhorters, workshop training was led by Rev. Bea Hernandez and Rev. Benjie Gevera on theme exhortation.
  • STEADY Sunday School Teachers’ Workshop Program. Sustained Workshops through input sharing and giving opportunity to teachers and volunteers simulate teaching process to fully train and develop teachers of SCCD.
  • Successful Kids Camp held on April 23-26, 2012 with 33 campers at Olaes Farm Noveleta and Youth Camp on April 9-12, 2012 with 19 campers at Talisay Batangas.
  • Send off of 10 mission workers to Benguet for Mission Challenge trip to Brgy Lomboy Benguet on May 21-25, 2012 with Pastor Bea Hernandez as Pastor in charge.
  • SCCD Birthed LENS Club and was installed on July 8n 2012 which aims to augment the scholarship program of SCCD and educate young people and members to use their cameras.
  • Observance of the OFW Sunday as part of our Membership Advocacy; the Church offered prayer for our Kababayans and members abroad.
  • SINING Unlimited for the benefit of Retired Church Workers, Ministerial Students and Christian Witness and Service on March 4, 2012 at Philamlife.


  • LEADERSHIP that BUILDS held to strengthen the leadership of SCCD  organizations and Board, this 4 series workshop held on January to April 2012 led by the BCE graduated 18 members of the leadership.
  • Shaping our newly organized Church Library with the goal to invite students in the learning experience at Church.
  • Celebration of Sabang Disciples Consumers’ Cooperative 3rd Year Anniversary under Special Ministry.


  • Special Ministries still moving onward with the remaining ministries to the Church:
  1. SDCC– Sabang Disciples Consumers Cooperative has now 58 official members and with about P300,000.00 in capital.
  2. Philhealth Voluntary Membership – continues to sustain and accommodate service to SCCD members and community
  • SCCD and De La Salle Blood Letting project held on December 18, 2011 to respond to possible connection and easy access of UCCP Sabang Community on blood donation in case of emergency.


  • · Held 3 sessions of Mission Education night to SCCD Community from Church Workers Exposure Trips and Mission Challenge in May 2012.
  • · Family Easter Fellowship held at SCCD Grounds on April 8, 2012 with about 45 people participated the BCE prepared program and games.
  • CYAF organization actively participate to the ministerial journey of SCCD as they took part in supporting the scholarship program for our Ministerial Students.
  • Celebration of SCCD’s 86th Founding Anniversary in July with the following month long celebration in response to the CHURCHs’ Vision and Mission
  1. Love Banquet with  Rev. Calipay Lubang, Administrative Pastor of UCCP Paranaque
  2. Medical-Dental Mission held to culminate the Mission Month, done on October 2012  through the kind leadership of the young people, Board of Elders and Anniversary Committee of SCCD.
  • Celebrated the CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL on September 10, 2012 at Dulong Bayan Elementary School attended by 13 kids from outreach and church based Sunday schoolers.
  • Facilitation of retreat for CYF and CWA.
  • Celebrated ECO FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS…… through the vibrant leadership of the Board of Trustees and CRO’s promoting Christmas Decoration using recycled eco-friendly materials in Celebration for the Yuletide Season.
  • Psalmist Coordinating Council active participation in the circulation of program and ministry life of SCCD, set up to remind us of music ministry needs, worship discipline, stewardship, organizational structure of the music ministry of SCCD.




  • Bagged winning places in number of contests organized by the Federation of Christian School in Dasmarinas Cavite namely:

2nd Place – Interpretative Dance – Jan. 28, 2012

3rd Place – Bible Quiz – Jan. 28, 2012

  • Participated Mardunong Spelling Bee Contest – July 26, 2012
  • Media Convergence August 14-16, 2012

3rd place – Script Writing – Dennise Dipasupil

4th place – Best Anchor – Phoebe Joy Medina

10th place – Photojournalism – Jasmin Galang

2nd place – Editorial Cartooning – Jezreel Gervacio

7th place – Editorial Cartooning – Brian Hernandez

4th place – News Writing – Gail Amon

1st place – Editorial Writing – Sofelia ColeenCantada

4th place – Photojournalism – Justine Janelle Reyes

7th place – Sports Writing – Austin Mangubat

5th place – Copy Reading and Headline Writing – Elijah Paul dela Cruz

4th place – News Presenter and Broadcasting – Simone Cajelo

3rd place – Best Infomercial – Michelle Escober

4th place – Broadcasting – Sharmaine Eslabon

4th place – Best Anchor – Josef Pare

4th place – Best Technical Support – Chad Selwyn Mangubat

  • Held her 28th Fouding Anniversary on Jan. 19-27, 2012
  • Conducted Disciples Gazette Summer Writing Workshop on May 14-18, 2012 aiming as an output a Gazette issue for the Division School Paper Annual Press Conference.
  • Conceptualized a Sacrificial Dinner to augment the Scholarship held on November 2, 2012 through the leadership of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Installed our new School Principal on March 25, 2012 being the Baccalaureate Sunday during the worship service of SCCD.


For significant improvements in the church and school building projects


  • Gutter repair and Altar Wall Water Flashing
  • Altar Glare
  • Painting works, tables, pigeon hole Cabinets for faculty and staff
  • Materials, Facility, Collection Area
  • Completion of west wing section of DLA building, columns, plastering works, floor topping



Church Workers/ Pastoral Team attended specific seminar, invitation and Pastoral Care and Nurture namely:

  • Church Workers of SCCD participated the UCWO National Assembly at General Santos on October 2012 with some 1000+ church workers from all over the Philippines, Sis. Marietta Banayo served a retreat master and some invited Bishops attend to lead the worship experience.


  • Pastor Bea was invited as Anniversary Preacher to UCCP Sulukan, a daughter church of the UCCP Buenavista on August 2012 and at UCCP Cosmopolitan Church Imus together with Rev. Ronell Hernandez on February 12, 2012.
  • The Mission Retreat of LCSMC Church Workers at Middle Luzon Jurisdiction on January 16-21, 2012. Joined in by SCCD’s three workers at Sagada Mountain Province with nurturing education on Pastoral Care and Counselling led by Rev. Dr. Jose Andres Sotto.
  • Church Workers Sunday observed. The annual local observance of Church Workers’ Sunday in SCCD was held on March 20, 2011 giving appreciation to all church workers from the fulltime pastors and staff to part time volunteer workers, eleven in all, saying a prayer for them by Elder Juliet Dayrit and simple gifts given.  The special offering which was incorporated in worship amounted to P3,108.00.  This will be channelled to the Church Workers Benefit Fund from where all fringe benefits shall be drawn.
  • SCCD workers attended UCWO GA. The six Conference Recognized church workers of SCCD/DLA attended the Annual General Assembly of the LCSMC UCWO on April 4-6, 2012 at Kapatiran Shoreline Naic Cavite.
  • Sending of official delegates to the 14th Annual Session held at UCCP Ellinwood on May 19-20, 2012.
  • SCCD Church Worker to undergo further studies. Pastor Bea as endorsed by the UCCP Sabang to continue her further studies commencing EY 2012-2013 with approve action from the Church Council  and Lowland Cavite South Manila Conference during the 14th Annual Session. As of this writing Pastor Bea is enrolled to UTS under Doctor of Ministry Program and is doing her dissertation paper for the doctoral program.
  • SCCD participated in the Exchange Pulpit program of the LCSMC. The Mission Sunday observance on August 2012 with Rev. Deogracio Galo of UCCP Molino served as preacher at SCCD on that Sunday with Rev. Bea Hernandez sent off to Molino and Exchange Pulpit with UCCP Salitran with Rev. Armando Carlos  as messenger to UCCP Sabang while Rev. Benjie Gevera as the one sent to UCCP Salitran as its preacher..