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How Big is God?


Who has measured the [earth’s] water in the hollow of his hand?” (Isaiah 40:12).

We were glued to the television reports – watching the powerful Tsunami kill thousands of people and destroy many homes and businesses. The power of this huge wave was truly a wake-up call. God set boundaries for the ocean waves – it can only go so far and then it has to retreat. This tidal wave retreated too, but not before it devastated almost everything in its path several miles inland.

Today, I read the above verse:

Who has measured the [earth’s] water in the hollow of his hand?

I thought of the tsunami and the huge wall of water coming inland. It was a tremendous amount of water. According to the verse above God holds the water of all the oceans, much more water than the oceans of Asia, in His hand.

I tried to imagine how big His hand must be. I couldn’t. Many times the God in our minds is a small God. The above verse gives us a visual picture of our big God. Try to imagine a hand that is big enough to hold all the water in its palm. Wow!

We have nothing to fear. God is near!

Thank You Lord, for giving us a visual picture of Your greatness. Bring this picture to mind whenever we tend to be afraid. Amen.

(by Katherine Kehler)