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Jesus Second Coming

In this Bible study on Jesus second coming, we’ll have a look at some facts around this topic as well as how we as believers should live and act while waiting on the return of Christ.

Who spoke of the Second Coming of Christ?

  • Jesus Himself
  • Prophets
  • Angels (Acts 1:10)
  • Early Christians (You can read in 1 Thess 4:16-18 how they encouraged one another)

We should look forward to His coming:
– do not fear
– do not be scared

His coming is certain, definite and settled. Everything will pass away, but Jesus’ words will remain!

What will the Second Coming be like?

  • He will come as lightning, in other words: quickly (Matt 24:27)
  • He will return, as He left, on the clouds.
  • Everyone will see it happen.
  • It will be glorious.

A few interesting comparisons:

– Jesus came as a servant, but He will make His return in great glory.
– Jesus came into the earth as a baby, but He’ll come back as the King of kings.
– Jesus, the Lamb of God will roar like the lion of Judah. (For deeper understanding on this statement, see the very inspirational sermon on “The Lion And The Lamb.”

How should we act while waiting here on earth?

  • Read Matthew 24:13&14. We have to endure and continue to preach the gospel. Preach the good news that heaven can be made/manifest in earth. In heaven is no sickness, there’s deliverance!
  • Read Matthew 6:10. We must pray. A prayer we’ve prayed over and over again over the years in school and at home. The significance of this prayer? God wants what’s happening in heaven, to be repeated/done on earth.
  • Read Matthew 6:13. Seek the Kingdom first. The Kingdom is a priority. The Kingdom has good news for people. (John 3:3) When you’re born again, you can see the Kingdom (Rom 10). 1 John 3:10 – Spread the news that man can be saved and Satan’s work be broken. You and I are part of this Kingdom. Why? Because we gave our lives to the Lord. You are part of the Kingdom, therefore you can see it! Continuously pray that God will raise you up and extend His Kingdom (through you) in earth.
  • Be the light! We don’t want to be the light, we are the light.
  • Read Matthew 25:13 and Mark 13:33&37. Be alert to what’s happening around you. John 4:35 – As we’re waiting for the second coming, we need to (1) preach and (2) watch out. Be alert. Be awake.

Prayer and watching goes hand in hand. Stay in the Word. Stay prayerful. When the church “sleeps”, and aren’t watchful, what’s the danger?

  • the enemy’s going to come in and
  • Satan with his devices and strategies try to destroy and attack our minds and bodies.

Prayer helps you to be sensitive to these dangers.


– Be a good and faithful servant regarding your family and kids.
– Be faithful and truthful with what God has entrusted to you. Jesus wants to see increase.
– Bear fruit because this brings glory to God.
– Stay faithful to the Lord as your fist love.
– Serve Him always till the end of your days on earth.
– Stay devoted to Him.


( Bible Study presented by Pastor Mark Kellerman)