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June 2011 Beats

  • Enrolment maintained at 202.  While other private schools are suffering decline in enrolment, the DLA was blessed to have maintained the figure at not lower than 200 with a little increase of 2 pupils this school year 2011-2012. Last year’s enrolment was 200 in June. The biggest class is Grade 5 with 36 pupils followed by Grade 1 having 35 pupils. These figures indicate a steady supply of pupils in the coming years, hopefully increasing future enrolment.  Of the 202 pupils, 24 are enlisted in the SPIC (Scholarship Program for Indigent Children) 10 of whom are indigents from the nearby depressed communities; 50 are children of church members comprising 25% of the total pupil population showing the strong connectedness of DLA and SCCD.  Enrolment figures in each level are as follows:

Nursery/Kinder            17

Prep                            21

Grade 1                       35

Grade 2                       24

Grade 3                       22

Grade 4                       24

Grade 5                       36

Grade 6                       23

Total               202


  • DLA keeps same strong personnel force.  DLA keeping the same school personnel force this school year with not lower than two years of service and a maximum of twenty years show a high morale and personnel retention which is a plus in any institution. Two members of the faculty were promoted to regular status after completing their three years probationary period.  They were Ms. Anna Marie Cajelo-Samuya and Ms. Marilou Brazil. Three of the DLA teachers continue to pursue their masteral studies in La Salle University with Teacher Jingle Ancheta among them being groomed to the position of School Principal by next year. There were some adjustments in the teaching assignments particularly in the primary level. Teacher Jingle who handled Grade 1 class during the last four years was moved to Grade 6 advisory class teaching English Grades 4-6 and Teacher Malou Brazil who had been the HeKaSi Gr. 4-6 teacher the last four years was assigned to handle Grade 2.  Teacher Jocelyn Vedia was given the Gr. 1 class from being the Grade 2 teacher for the last two years.  The DLA School Personnel were consecrated on June 26 before the SCCD congregation during worship service.


  • DLA Tirona Memorial School Library gets SA.  For a more smooth operation of the DLA Library the same time provide training and exposure to young people, Student Assistant item was created in the school plantilla.  Because only 27 hours are identified as the most hectic period in library services, this was offered to SCCD young people who are in college to handle it under the over-all supervision of Ms. Cynthia Macario.  The two young people reporting 7 hours each per week are Lorie Domingo and Princess Mabbatung.  One parent who is in her young adult years volunteered to report daily while waiting for her child enrolled in Kindergarten. She is also a member of SCCD, Ms. Melanie Aviles.


  • Little Deacons installed.  The Little Deacons for SY 2011-12 which are the elected Class Treasurers were installed during the first Chapel Service for this school year on June 14, 2010 by Pastor Ronell Hernandez. According to grade level beginning 1 to 6 they are Sophia Pearl Lomadilla, Ghesandra Perlas*, Matthew Timba, Kenneth Cerbo, Jomel Hembrador and Ghesan Perlas* those with asterisk (*) are SCCD members.