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Highlight of SCCD Activities EY 2011

For significant church events, activities and gifts received

  • 14 young people graduated in the yearly Communicants’ Class program of the Church held on January 8, 2011, every Saturday at 10:00 am to 12 nn . The Pastoral Team served as teachers.
  • CRO’s emerging partnership with the BOT to accomplish the Inventory work for the year with the goal to  unify, consolidate and update our inventory of properties.
  • SCCD responds to UCCP call for Membership Renewal. 66% of the worshipers responded freely to the call for Membership Renewal on February 27, 2011. Members drop their cards with their Annual Denominational Contribution (ADC) with a total amount of P3,070.00.
  • Observance of the OFW Sunday as part of our Membership Advocacy. The Church offered prayer for our Kababayans and members abroad.
  • Received 4 new members in the roster of the Church members who attended the membership – DISCOVERY CLASS sessions.
  • Hosting of LCSMC -CWA Love Fellowship.  About 139 women from 24 churches came to SCCD on February 19, 2011 as Post Valentine Fellowship dubbed as “Halina sa Hardin ng Pag-ibig ng Dios”.
  • Strategic Planning brought hopes and dreams for SCCD. SWOT analysis was used for simple yet comprehensive analysis techniques for Board and CRO assessments.Twenty four (24) participants came in to oversee the 5 years Strat Plan for 2011-2016, bringing their talents and gifts for the purpose of advancing Christ mission and vision in the Church’s life. The Pastoral Team led the church to Christ vision and carry on what is called for the Church.
  • Responding to the Church’s need of Family Ministry development through Pinag Isang Puso with Rev. Lelinda Mugot as Licensed Family Counselor. This year’s Pinag Isang Puso drove each member to the Hebrew way of fellowship, educating the Church on bringing back the basic teachings to children, passing of faith which started to be educated through and during family meals, and community integration.
  • Responded to the Financial Assistance for Church Workers through Special Offering done in March 20, 2011. Three of LCSMC Church workers who had been sick were assisted by SCCD which amounted to P4,263.00.
    • Celebration of Church Family Easter Outing. About 87 people including children joined this year’s Church Family Easter outing was after the Easter Sunrise Service on April 24, 2011 at Picnic Grove.
    • Held Vacation Church School 2011 focusing on Children’s Rights to accompany the churches in propagating and popularizing the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child (UN-CRC) in ways that would help churches enrich and develop their Children’s Ministry Programs.
    • Hosting  the LCSMC Piano Yes! Recital for the 2nd time on May 7, 2011 being the church with the most number of recitalists having 8 piano scholars.
    • Board of Elders to take part in SCCD Worship Life through monitoring and scheduling of Liturgist. Elders also participate in preparing the monthly theme/ lectionary, monitoring Junior Worship in close coordination with all Sunday School level/ teachers.
    • Introduction of Liturgical Drama incorporated to the Liturgy where cross curtain shall be opened within the portion of the Liturgy.
    • Steady Sunday School Teachers’ Workshop Program. Inputs shared by members of SCCD blooming and budding professions and gifted talents.
    • SCCD Alay Lakad 2011 . Some 68 members of the Church woke up early to participate and take part of these very meaningful celebration of the 85th Anniversary.
    • Supported the CYAF organization as they actively participate in the ministry of giving through distribution of School Supplies to children of Simborio Outreach and Children Church on May 22, 2011.
    • Celebration of SCCD’s 85th Founding Anniversary in July with the following month long celebration in response to the CHURCHs’ Vision and Mission
  1. Love Banquet with  Rev. Fernando Saria, Administrative Pastor of UCCP Kawit.
  2. A 13 minute Historical Sketch viewed on July 3, 2011, led by the Archiving Committee with a collaboration of extra works; Mischelle Quezon for Photo Gallery, Julienne Jeremy Reyes for Heritage Wall.
    1. Worship Thru Music on July 24, 2011 with the goal to launch SCCD’s Psalmist Coordinating Council.
    2. Medical-Dental Mission held twice in a row to culminate the Mission Month, done on July and August 28, 2011 respectively, through the kind leadership of the young people and Anniversary Committee of SCCD.
  • Launching of Mission Challenge Series 2 with this years’ to do missions in Bukidnon.
  • Successful seminar on Prayer Life held on August 11 and 18 at SCCD with Rev. Danny Arciaga.
  • Received additions to Sunday School Teachers’ Teaching force namely: Gio & Genesis  Saquilayan, Darwin  Siervo, Nicole Frani & Lorie Domingo
  • Hosting of TESDA Orientation on August 31, 2011 for Skills Development and Technological development under the leadership of Christian Witness and Service of the LCSMC headed by Rev. Deogracio Galo.
  • Launched a Dynamic Christian Education Month with the following Highlights: CEN and Children’s Sunday, Children’s Festival, UCM and CWA Sunday, CYAF and CYF Sunday, Teachers’ Empowerment Program II, FAMILY SUNDAY with Family Treasure Hunt and Introduction of WailingWall as prayer activity for the Church.
  • Increasing steadily number of attendees to Thursday Bible Study 8-9PM with the Parables of Jesus as Curriculum under the leadership of the Pastoral Team.
  • Celebrated the CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL on September 10, 2011 at Union Theological Seminary attended by 30 kids from outreach and church based Sunday schoolers.
  • Celebrated  CWA Livelihood Program cooking demo with Ms. Tess Camia on October 28, 2011 and was attended by the Women’s group of SCCD.
  • Blessed to receive Flu Vaccines through the loving kindness of institutions who work for the needs of our brothers and sisters and has spaced a voluntary and mission work for the community.
  • Facilitation of Nurturing the Elders session with the topics on Sacraments, Worship, Prayer Life Seminar and  Governance / Conflict Management”
  • CYAF responding to Scholarship Program of SCCD to embrace the need of supporting the Scholarship fund raising campaign for indigent.
  • Facilitation of retreat for CYF, CYAF and CWA.
  • Celebrated ECO Friendly Christmas … through the vibrant leadership of the Board of Trustees and CRO’s promoting Christmas Decoration using recycled eco-friendly materials in Celebration for the Yuletide Season.
  • Received generous donations from members to intensify SCCD ministry: Cooking Stove, Refrigerator, 5 in 1 printer, substantial books and learning video/cd’s  for children, AirConditioning Unit and LCD Screen, Initial Fund for Church  Vehicle.
    • Shaping our newly organized Church Library with the goal to invite students in the learning experience at Church
    • Successful holding of Youth and Kids Summer Camp with 48 and 25 participants respectively.
    • Celebration of Sabang Disciples Consumers’ Cooperative 2nd Year Anniversary under Special Ministry
    • Finishing of Purpose Driven Life material used by CYAF as Bible study material, PDL was also offered to CYF’ers in 2010
    • Special Ministries still moving onward with the remaining ministries to the Church:

1.  SDCC– Sabang Disciples Consumers Cooperative has now 58 official members and with about P300,000.00 in capital.

2.  Philhealth Voluntary Membership – Some 190 families were registered under the Indigent Family Free Membership program .

3.  Health and Wellness with corresponding activities responding to health awareness…

4.  Literacy Program in partnership with the dept. of Education

For significant improvements in the church and school building projects

  • Improvement and upgrading of administration School Offices, H.E. Room and NKP Room which will be fully air-conditioned to make it more conducive to learning.
  • Construction works in the school building which commenced on April 4, 2011
  • Finishing the concrete slab work in the west wing rooms providing space for roof deck.
  • Stairway to the 3rd floor of the main building
  • Continuing Works through Project Nehemiah with the  completion of the following works:

–    Windows and glass repair

–    Chancel Wall panelling

–    Altar Glare Curtaining

–    Communion Table

–    Church Sanctuary Painting Works

–    Removal of Poison Ivy

–    Re-plastering of wall due to water flashing

–    Painting and Shaping up of Church Narra Doors