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Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit Part 4: The Gift of Prophecy


Scripture: Romans 12:4-8


I.          Characteristics of Someone with the Gift of Prophecy

1.   A strong need to express himself verbally
2.   A strong ability to discern the character and motives of other people
3.   Wholehearted involvement in whatever he is doing
4.   Very open to correction
5.   Extremely loyal
6.   Willingness to suffer for what is right
7.   Persuasive in defining truth


II.          Misunderstandings about Someone with the Gift of Prophecy

1.   His sense of right and wrong is often judged as intolerant
2.   His strong desire to proclaim truth is often interpreted as disinterest in listening to other people
3.   Frankness is viewed as harshness or impatience
4.   Interest in groups may be misinterpreted as a disinterest in individuals
5.   Efforts to gain results may be seen as using gimmicks
6.   Interest on decision may appear to be neglecting spiritual growth
7.   Public boldness and strict standards may hinder intimate personal relationships


III.         The Gift of Prophecy in the Spirit vs. the Flesh

SPIRIT                           FLESH
1.          Truthfulness                  Deception
2.          Obedience                     Willfulness
3.          Sincerity                       Hypocrisy
4.          Morality                        Impurity
5.          Boldness                        Fearfulness
6.          Forgiveness                   Rejection
7.          Persuasive                    Contentious

(By Dr. Charles F. Stanley. Copyright 2012 In Touch Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. www.intouch.org.)