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May/June/July/August 2010 Beats

*** August 2010 News ***

Buwan ng Wika culminates in a program.  August being Buwan ng Wika closed in a day-long program on August 27, 2010. In the morning some selected DLA pupils competed in Filipino classic games that have not been popular among today’s children like kadang-kadang (walking in stilts and bamboo husks). There were also contests such as Bugtungan or riddle answering contest, poem recitation Salawikain (Filipino proverbs) and Sabayang Bigkas (choral recitation), the latter two events of which were incorporated in the afternoon program. Theme for this year’s Buwan ng Wika was “Sa Pangangalaga ng Kalikasan , Wagas na Pagmamahal Talagang  Kailangan.”

Eroded creekside restored.  The eroded creekside at the back of the school building which is by the waterway before Mary Cris entrance was restored by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) upon report and request of SCCD through the facilitation of Mr. Lope Fauni. The restoration took almost three weeks of the month of August. Filling materials are needed to cover the gap between the riprap and the creekside after which steel matting fence would be installed thereby improving the school periphery.

*** July, 2010 News ***

DLA Pupils pay tribute to SCCD.  As tribute to the Founding Mother of the DLA celebrating her 84th Founding Anniversary, the DLA pupils guided and assisted by their classroom advisers offered creative gifts during the Anniversary Program Fellowship in the afternoon. These varied gifts include posters, framed greetings, cleaning materials, paper flowers on pot etc.  The vision of SCCD of establishing a school offering Early childhood in 1984 paved the way to the birth of Formal Education, Elementary level in 1998 with Grade 6 graduates since 2005.

DLA contributes to LCSMC Formal Education Board.  The journey of the DLA since 1998 having expanded to Elementary School has contributed significantly to the drafting of the Manual for the Establishment and Operation of Church-Owned Schools by the Formal Education Board of the Lowland Cavite South Manila Conference. The challenges it has faced that led to a more responsive, legally-based and relevant Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws translated into administrative policies have helped in the FEB deliberation and even in the series of consultation meetings. Pastor Leng Lubang chairs this committee with the manual now in its final stages of editing and styling for presentation to the Conference Council in its September meeting for approval and confirmation in next year’s Annual Session.  Sitting also in this FEB is Ms. Nanette Barzaga, DLA School Board Secretary. Other members include Mr. Dave Dakanay, Ms. Ellen Morada, Ms. Betty Gorospe, Ms. Rowena Demotica and Atty. Delilah Grace Magtolis.

Faculty members attend UBD Seminar. Three members of the faculty attended the Seminar on Understanding by Design, a teaching approach that is required for implementation this year in High School and Grade 6 wherein students and pupils are led to a more engaging, interactive learning session characterized by exploration and group work with teacher as facilitator.  The classical and  popularly known among educators “Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning” is translated to 6 Facets of Learning in UBD.  The three teachers, Ms. Cristy Saquilayan, Ms. Jingle Ancheta and Mr. Johnirey Sapon echoed this seminar to the rest of the DLA teachers on July 23, 2010 with Pastor Bea Hernandez also sharing her insights on the FNRI (Food and Nutrition Research Institute) Annual Seminar she attended being a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist.

Nutrition Month celebrated. July being Nutrition Month culminated in a week-long program of health education and hygiene, contests, games and afternoon short program on July 30, 2010.  The new part time School nurse Ms. Rachel Cabug-os gave lectures on health habits during the week in separate sessions of the various grade levels including the NKP. Pastor Bea gave a short update on the nutritional status of children in the country.  The theme of this year’s Nutrition Month celebration is “Batang May Kinabukasan, Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan.” Winners in the various contests held are as follows:

Drawing Contest(I-III) Poster
1st Kenneth Cerbo Dennise Dipasupil
2nd Isabel Barroquillo & Joseph Pare Nicole Dipasupil
3rd Janelle Reyes Shellie Ann Calubayan
Slogan Essay
1st Nicole Dipasupil Donnesa Jimenez
2nd Donessa Jimenez Shellie Ann Calubayan
3rd Claude Jean Regala Claude Jean Regala
Cooking Pinoy Henyo
1st– Gr.1 -Okoy Michelle Escober Ghessandra
2nd – Gr. 2 – Monggo Matthew Timba Perlasneilyn Hormillosa
3rd – Gr. 3-Pinakbet Austin Dionne De Pedro Dieelan De Pedro
Food Pyramid Laki sa Gatas
Raiza Cabrera Fatima Reyes
Phobe Joy Medina Allan
Austin Christopher Tapawan
Irvin Gabito 

Rainne Chrysler

Benjamin Janeo 

Leeam Roi Ramos

*** June, 2010 News ***

Enrollment hits 200.  This school year 2010-2011, enrolment hits the 200 mark registering an increase of 7 pupils or 3% from last year showing signs of broadening influence in the community. The biggest class is Grade 6 with 32 pupils, 6 of whom are transferees, followed by the Grade 4 class with 31 enrollees. The DLA has a total of 50 new pupils this year, replacing the 23 enrolled last school year who transferred to other schools due to economic and migration reasons.  The Nursery-Kinder class continues to be a combined session with 15 children in all.

DLA Faculty and Staff roster remains strong.  Over the years one of the strength of the DLA is a high retention of personnel force meaning despite the meager salaries being offered, faculty and staff stay longer in service, hence, the school is not faced with the problem of fast personnel turn over as other educational institutions are confronted with. The same facultyhandle the same classes with the exception of Ms. Cynthia Macario who was assigned this June to the Library, the Guidance Office and with minor teaching load.  There is a perceived high morale among our faculty with three pursuing Graduate Studies in Dela Salle University. Below is the profile of faculty and staff for SY 2010-2011 listed according to Grade level advisorship from NKP to Grade 6 and Administration.

DLA facilities facing improvements.

Now on its 5th year of full occupancy of the building that took sometime to fully comply with DepEd standards, the DLA employed significant improvements in its laboratory facilities during the summer with the Computer Lab getting the most shaping up. It is now fully air-conditioned on its permanent location in the west wing of the 2nd floor and three new computers with LCD monitors were added to the older units courtesy of Hayag and Tirona families.  Internet WiFi facility was also installed providing internet access to offices, library and computer laboratory.

The School Canteen was improved as well with cost shouldered by the SDCC (Cooperative) which now houses the Coop Grocery and School Supplies store. With Technology and Entrepreneurial Math being the flagship programs of the DLA, it is targeted that the other laboratories namely Science, Home Economics Room and Shop would also be improved thereby enhancing the school academic program. DLA continues to receive books from the US and instructional materials thru the generosity of partner churches and SCCD members based in the said country.

Little Deacons installed. The Little Deacons for this SY 2010-2011 which are the elected Class Treasurers were installed during the first Chapel Service for this school year on June 16, 2010 by Pastor Ronell Hernandez. According to grade level beginning 1 to 6 they are:

Grade 1: Ghesandra Perlas*
Grade 2: Rochelle Saquilayan*
Grade 3: Austin Paul Mangubat
Grade 4: Jomel Hembrador
Grade 5: Ghesan Perlas*
Grade 6: Jovinelle Hembrador

Note: Those with asterisk (*) are SCCD members

Pastor Leng’s New Assignment. Starting June, 2010, Ptr Leng will be serving as part time School Director to the DLA and would be on Sabbatical leave from any pastoral charge. Her service at the DLA is an internal arrangement between her and SCCD/DLA to provide transition period for the DLA to train new fulltime School Director who could be coming from the faculty with the DepEd prescribed educational qualifications. Given the future directions of the DLA at pace with the DepEd requirements, Pastor Leng’s educational expertise will continue to be tapped and recognized as Consultant even after her services as School Director expires. She currently sits as Chairperson of the Conference Formal Education Board created in 2009 to set policies and evolve as regulatory body for the church-founded schools in the conference.

*** May, 2010 News ***

School Maintenance and Repairs being undertaken.

This summer time in school is devoted to repairs and maintenance works in school and rest from major building activities. Painting works for school makeover has been done with School Canteen also undergoing major renovations to accommodate school and office supplies store and serve as well as SDCC Coop Store which is expanding its services. The NKP playground facilities and classrooms will also be attended to and prepared for the opening of classes next month. It is prayed that the NIA will make effort in restoring the eroded creekside at the back of the school building along the irrigation canal and waterway. NIA staff has done its project costing which will amount to a million pesos.

Summer Special courses offered.

The DLA is currently offering special summer courses in reading for incoming Grade 1 and art lessons to children. The Grade 1 tutorial classes have begun on April 26 to last until May 21 while the Summer Art classes will be on May 3-14, 2010. The Jazz-Ballet classes had no enrollees yet. It is envisoned that these classes will continue to be offered as co-curricular program during the school year. Teaching the Art Classes is Ms. Rhoda Lozano, a member of UCCP Ellinwood who has offered several Children’s Art Classes in churches and schools. She is a graduate of BS Fine Arts in UST and worked as advertising artist for several years until deciding to be a free lance art teacher.