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More Daily Devotionals



Daily reflections on biblical principles as they apply to the Christian’s everyday life

Perspective for Challenging Times

Who is Like Our God

Finding Satisfaction

God’s School of Obedience

A Lifestyle of Obedience

Trusting in God’s Faoitjfulness

Spending Our Inheritance

Contagious Joy

Giving Thanks in All things

Gratitude in Affliction

A New Start

The Freedom of Salvation

Faith and Prayer

Our Great High Priest

Right Paths

A Life of Obedience

It’s Personal

Working for the Master

Heirs to a Grand Inheritance

Hope for the Promises

The Road of Discipleship

Our Partnership With God

There is Only One Way

Discovering Our True Identity

The Holy Spirit in You

Our Righteousness

Called to Warfare

Defense Against Temptation

Deal Wisely with Temptation

Enduring Satanic Attacks

Giving Jesus First Place

Lessons on Impossibilities

Looking for Fruit

Our Divine Teacher

Our Incomparable Companion

Our Top Priority

Paying Attention to How We Live

Remembering God’s Goodness

The Danger of Anger

The Wisdom of Right Relationships

Understanding Your Call

Winning In Warfare

How to Get the Most Out of Your Work

A Four Letter Word – “Fear”

Hiding From God

Highest of Heavens and Humblest of Hearts

Just Believe

The “Whys” of Life

Why We Read the Bible

Worship Sets US Free

You are Irresistible

Ask Yourself

Attitude, Attitude

Does Your Face Need a Tune-up

It’s Your Choice

Shalom (Peace)


A  Balanced Schedule  

A Clean Heart

A Commitment to Obey

A Compass of Life’s Journey

A Divine Guarantee

A Life of Integrity

A Living Hope

A Man of Integrity

A Man Worthy of Our Hope

A New Beginning

A Passion To Serve God

A Slow DayAcquiring Great Faith

Acquiring Wisdom

Beloved Children, Pleasing to God

Be Still . . . I AM GOD

Be Still and Know That I Am God

Blessed to Bless Others

Bring the Gospel to the World

Carry the Light

Choose to Love

Choosing the Right Building Material

Clean Feet, Clean Heart

Climbing the Ladder

Consider Your Calling

Crush, Kill and Destroy

Darkness Before the Dawn

Dealing With Debt

Dealing with Disappointments

Responding to Disappointments

Don’t Worry About Anything

Effective Witnesses

Enslaved by Debt

Expressions of Praise

Faith or Seeking a Sign

Fear of the Lord is Wisdom

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Feasting on the Word

Financial Wisdom: How to Spend

Following the Father’s Example

Get In the Ark


Giving to God First

God Acts on Our Behalf

God’s Empowering Presence

God’s Faithfulness

God Is For Us

God’s Financial Best

God Has a Way of Balancing Things

God Is In Control

God is Our Keeper

God is Our Protector

God Is Within Us

God’s Plan for US

God’s Sovereignty

God’s Time

God’s View of Mankind

God’s Will Is Three Dimensional

God Will Lift Us Up

God Works Within Us

Hand Me Downs

Healing for Inferiority

Hearing The Call

He IS Our Daddy

Here am I! Send Me

His Presence

Honor Thy Mother

Honor Your Parents

Hope: The Anchor of the Soul

How to Listen to God’s Word

Impossible Love Made Possible

Improving Your Eyesight

It is Good to be Afflicted

Jesus: The Only Way to Heaven

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Jesus Christ Our Judge


Just Believe

Keeping A Clear MindKing of Kings

Learning Obedience Through Suffering

Learning To Listen To God

Lessons in Sonship

Lighting the Fire Again

Listening with Purpose

Letting Go of Anxiety

Letting Go is Hard

Lift Up Your Eyes


Living Above Circumstances

Looking for Love

Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

Loving God by the Book

Missing the Lord

My Assurance: God Is In Control

Name Above All Names

No Condemnation in Christ

Not Our Favorite Word

Obeying God 

Of Things to Come

One Thing Will Remain

Our Awesome God

Our Glorious Hope

Our Missionary Mission

Parent’s Responsibility

Patience with Perspective

People Are People

Physical Infirmity

Praising the Lamb

Praying with Confidence

Answered Prayer

Prejudiced? Not Me!

Pursuing Wisdom

Qualifications of Sainthood

Releasing the Holy Spirit’s Power

Removing the Barriers

Satans’s Strategy

Are You a Threat to Satan?

Seek Me and You’ll Find Me

Seeking Guidance: The First Step

Seeking Guidance: The Pattern

Selfish Christianity

Simple Acts of Obedience

The Value of Obedience

When We Act Deceptively

Small Steps to a Great Destiny

Special People

Spreading the Good News

Standing Before God’s Door

Strong Foundation

Success in God’s Rest

Supreme Love

Surrender in Thanks

The Call of God

The Comfortable Church

The Cross is Enough

The Discipline of Meditation

The Foundation of Wisdom

The Fountain of Life

The Gift of Grace

The Gift of Salvation

The God Who Meets All Needs

The God Who Speaks

The Grace of Giving

The Greatest Act of Love

The Impact of Prayer

The Measure of Our Love

The Missionary Call

The Missionary Question

The Pattern of Servanthood

The Peace of Wisdom

The Power Within

The Powerful Practice of Fasting

The Riches of God’s Grace

The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

The Priority of Relationship

The Service of Motherhood

he Spirit’s Work

The Thrill of Victory

The Truth about Salvation

The Ultimate Father-Son Relationship

The Ultimate Giver

The Unconditional Love of God

The Way of Faith

Things That Cannot Be Shaken

Thoughtful Living

Training to See God

Troubled? Try Praise

True Worship

Trust the One Who Knows You

United in Purpose

Waiting for Answers to Prayers

Walking Wisely

We Are Complete In Christ

Wait Upon the Lord

Walking by Faith

Walking in the Word

When a Child Dies

When We Cry to God

When Things Seem Impossible

When We Ignore God

When A Nation Turns its Back on God

Where Do You Go for Advice?

Who is God to You?

Whose Voice Are You Hearing

Why does God Allow Evil?

Wisdom’s Benefit Package

Wisdom for the Trials of Life

Worship God Only

Your Sabbath


*** About Escaping the Trap

Say NO!!

God’s Mercy

*** About Forgiveness

Finding Freedom by Letting Go

Stop Rewinding

Facing The Truth

Time to Move On


*** For Those With Eating Disorders

Inside Story

Pursuing the “Perfect” Body