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Music Ministry Retreat – Oct 2010

SCCD’s Music Ministry holds retreat. The SCCD Music Ministry held a Spiritual Retreat at Sycip Retreat House in Malabag on October 30, 2010 together with the Pastoral Team facilitating it. Some 38 members, from the Praise & Worship Team (4) together with the 3 Choirs namely Chancel(16),  CYF(10) and Jesus’ Kids Choir(8), joined this day-long retreat studying on what worship is and the reasons why we worship the Lord, the things we should do as leaders of the Church.  The SCCD Chancel Choir is under the Baton of Ms. Beulah Dumasig, Jesus Kids Choir with Ms. Liza Ranieses and Miss Winnie Cruz for the Youth Choir.  This 1st ever Retreat with the whole Music Ministry Team of SCCD has reminded us of its liturgical tradition and its growing member of music ministry needs to organize its office and to address the major concernssuch as worship discipline, stewardship and organizational structure. Music Ministry has dreamt of forming a body to care for the music ministrydubbed as Psalmist Coordinating Council (PCC). PCC together with the Pastoral Team, shall oversee the future direction of the Music Ministry its goals and visions. First meeting of the PCC officers namely Allan Saquilayan (Chancel Choir), Avinson Matro (Praise & Worship Team), Ana Ferrer (Youth Choir), Liza Ranieses (Jesus Kids Choir) and Joy Dolorito (Tambourine Dancers) shall be on November 7, 2010 after worship service to formalize the specific role of its office and its frontier for the whole church life and ministry. Let us continue to pray for the birth of “Psalmist Coordinating Council”.

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