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New Members 2010

Four Church attendees received as official members of SCCD – November 2010

The Discovery/Membership Class held in October of this year produced four members as official/regular member namely

(1) Al Mondaca and Analyn Pintuan who are getting married this December. Analyn is a regular attendee here at SCCD.

(2) Bea Almanzor, an active CYAF member and a praise and worship leader of Love Banquet Night since 2009.

(3) Elma Soncuan is a resident of Dexterville and active attendee of SCCD Prayer Meeting every Wednesday night.

Some of them have been attending SCCD for some time now but have not been formally received as members.


SCCD received 5 New Members – September, 2010

After finishing 2 days of Discovery Membership Class being handled by the Pastoral Team teaching the Statement of Faith, Church History and SCCD life and ministry, these five attendees were formally received as new members, namely:

(1) Jay Flores and (2) Reiner Del Rosario are presently active in the Music Ministry and UCM respectively.

(3) Jeline,(4) Shanaiah are Mother & Daughter tandem and

(5) Alina Roldan from Green City who have been with us since 2004. Our 5 new members were received in the fold during the worship service.


Getting to Know SCCD New Members – July, 2010

Four new members were received on July 25, 2010 after attending two consecutive sessions of the Membership/Discovery Class on July 3 and 10, 2010.  They all have expressed the desire to become part of the Membership Roster of SCCD as regular members.  It is good to know them as we walk alongside in finding their way in church.

(1) Vernadette Cruz. A resident in Dexterville since her migration from Taytay Rizal. Close friends call her “Verna” is a sibling to Virgilio Cruz a creative carpenter and Edna Cruz an OFW in Dubai. Verna is now an active member of the CYAF since their Harvest Sunday in July 11, 2010.

(2) Alvin Siervo. Rey Alvin Siervo is the eldest son of Geraldine and Rolando Siervo. Alvin is presently working at Yazaki and finds time to worship with us during Sundays, Alvin hopes to join other activities of the Church. He just accepted membership in the CYAF group in July.

(3) Mary Ann. Mhean hails from Cebu City and is the daughter of Catalina and Antonio Relacion. Mary Ann just recently declared her active membership to the Christian Young Adults Fellowship in their Harvest Sunday activity during the month long celebration of the 84th Anniversary of the SCCD.

(4) Joshua Pelagio. “Josh” to many is the youngest of 4 siblings of SCCD Lay Preacher Sis. Wilma Pelagio and Gerry. 19 –years-old Joshua has been active in the CYF after attending the very recent Youth Camp of SCCD and now leads in the Praise and Worship Band who holds the key tone for the Lead Guitar. Joshua has a good attendance in the PDL Session of the CYF every Saturday.


Welcoming our newly baptized and budding regular church members –  May, 2010

For one quarter, that is, from January 9 to April 1 of this year, the following young people attended the Communicants’ Class aimed at preparing them for full and more responsive membership in the church. Their childhood years are coming to an end and early adolescence is beginning. As a church let us get to know them more.

Leizel Almendral is the third child of Cenon and Liza Almendral and one of the 26 scholars in the DLA. She just graduated this year in Grade 6 after two years of schooling in the DLA. This quiet, reserved girl has shown significant transformation especially in her self-confidence, taking leadership frequently as liturgist in the Children’s Church. Liezil has other two younger siblings whom she takes care of assisting her busy mother. Her father, Cenon, has become the main stay carpenter in church after joining the construction workers’ pool in January 2005. The family is now a member of SCCD.  Click here to read more