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Piano Scholars

SCCD-Piano Scholars take part in Children’s Church

The budding youth scholars of piano lessons supported by SCCD’s Scholarship Program namely Sarah Fauni, Mischelle Quezon and Sheila Cortez will begin playing as accompanist during Children’s Church on Sundays.  The younger ones will be scheduled to play in the prelude and postlude.  This is aimed at honing their musical gifts and self-confidence in serving as accompanist in corporate worship.  SCCD is currently the local church with the most number of students enrolled in the Conference-initiated program “Piano Yes!” offered to help local churches develop and establish their pool of piano accompanists in worship.  Our piano scholars include:

  1. Mischelle Quezon
  2. Sheila Cortez
  3. siblings Van Hallen and Sarah Hayag
  4. siblings Sarah Fauni and Daniellie Fauni
  5. Robee Hernandez
  6. Erich Tumbaga
  7. Paolo Dakis
  8. Krsitel Joy Fauni
  9. Cherlene Sapida who is under the tutelage of Ms. Andrimel Crisostomo and Ms. Myrna Chan.