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Project Nehemiah – Four Years of Building Activity


Project Nehemiah 1: Build a Block (January 2005 to July 2006)

Amount Generated: P5,782,226.01

Output:  The “shell’ of the two and a half story building

Donations of Members and Friends in US and Canada

Project Nehemiah 2: Raise the Roof (August 2005 to December 2006)

Amount generated was subsumed with PN1 Build a  Block.

Output: The steep roof made of steel frame and customized beige-colored roof

Project Nehemiah 3: Sagip-Bambang (August-December 2006)

Amount Generated: P600,000.00 (contracted by the National Irrigation Administration)

Output: Solid box culvert drainage covering the waterway fronting the church stretching from the waiting shed at the south end to the north end of the fence, about 40 meters long.  This project provided a parking area to the church

Project Nehemiah 4: Share a Square Meter Tile  ( January-July 2007 )

Estimated Amount Generated: P275,582.25

Output:  Tiling of the church sanctuary and the Multi-Purpose Hall ground floor relieving church members of dusty atmosphere causing allergies to worshippers on Sundays.  The tiling work started in January 2007 and finished in April of the same year.

Project Nehemiah 5: Ceiling Works 300  (July 2007-July 2008)

Amount Generated: P166,223.95

Output:  Ceiling works of the central section of the sanctuary made of steel frame and hardiflex with design not requiring many trusses as the ceiling was installed close to the roof.  Painting was also included.

Project Nehemiah 5: Second Mile Giving  (July 2008-July 2009)

Amount Generated: P81,150.00

Output:  Ceiling works of the two side sections or wings of the sanctuary including final painting, primer painting of the sanctuary and mezzanine; installation of one of three levels of canopy in the main stairs.

Beautifying the Quad (An 82nd Church Anniversary/July 2008 Special Fund Campaign). Cementing of the quadrangle space between the DLA and SCCD and landscaping of the uncemented portion with carabao grass and planting of mahogany trees, palm trees, nangka fruit.  Amount generated: P 26,654.00

Color the Season 2 (December/Christmas 2009 Special Fund Campaign).

Amount generated: P32,790.00

Remaining ceiling works, new church signage and improvement of lighting in the sanctuary on time for the Chancel Choir Christmas Cantata.

UCM-led Basketball Half-court (April-June 2009).

Amount generated: P17,422.00

Half basketball court made of steel frame and fiber glass was installed through the initiative of the United Church Men.  Only window guards are being fabricated before its full use.

CWA-spearheaded Church Kitchen (March-April 2006)  Located at the back of the church as extension housing food preparation area, spacious cooking and food preparation counter, two wash sinks.

Project Nehemiah 5B: Bamboo and Bricks. A year-long fund generation campaign for the plastering and waterproofing works of the exterior wall of the sanctuary which currently creates a “water fall of rainwater leak during heavy rains,” and seed money for the chancel wall interior design of bricks and wooden panels from the mango tree slabs.  Dubbed as bamboo supposedly representing the scaffolds but now the “gondola-type scaffold” and wooden wall panels and bricks for the interior wall, PN5B: Bamboo and Bricks aims at generating P200,000.00 for the entire project.  It will constitute a brick miniature costing P500.00 each that would be mounted on a frame with “bumbong” or bamboo coins as border design to be set up at the sanctuary.  The bamboo coinbanks would be filled up by big coins like P5.00 and P10.00.  This will be a year-long campaign until next year’s Church Anniversary celebration.