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Proud to be a Sunday School Teacher

REFLECTIONS by Elder Rizalina Reyes


The Sabang Church of Christ Disciples Sunday School teachers have committed themselves to Jesus. Their relationship to Jesus is one deep attachment of personal commitment to Him.

Each Sunday morning teachers gather together for the morning devotion at 8:00. Refreshing themselves with spiritual upliftment they are called to share Jesus’ message and His mission.

As we teach our students in the classroom, in the sanctuary, under the tree or in the shed, we feel the greatest privilege made available to human being. Teaching the Scriptures is available freely but not everyone will qualify. Because Jesus is the One who chooses.

Such is the life of a Sunday School Teacher. Jesus chose you. You are not required to be smart, rich or pretty but the very strict requirement is: LOYALTY and COMMITMENT to JESUS.

Every Sunday of the month teachers join in fellowship with the BCE and Pastoral Team to enhance and hone their teaching gifts by way of training and teaching demonstrations and curriculum review.

My best friend Juliet Dayrit and I are among the Sunday School teachers. Thank you, Lord! At our age, we never ceased to rejoice that God entrusted us with His services. Teaching High school students for so many years, God in His infinite Goodness called to share His word after our retirement from the private school. We owe God so much that we shall never be able to pay off our debt. Being Sunday school teachers is a privilege as this gives us the deepest satisfaction of following Jesus.

I personally have never ceased to rejoice that the Almighty God gave me the privilege to develop my gift of teaching which leads me to hope and expect that truly, I am a child of God. Lord, teach me to work with love and deal with my students patiently that they may become pleasing to you.

The Sunday school teachers did not have the privilege to sit at the Lord’s feet and hear Him speak the ageless and eternal truth about God. But in teaching the Scriptures we hear Him calling us to enjoy, obey and trust endlessly.

From where do the Sunday school teachers get what they teach? The wisdom God has given them is a product of extensive study, seminar & training. They eat the word of God and feed them to others who seek God. The teachers understand that they cannot give what they do not have. Unless they study and train they will be afraid to face their students and answer difficult questions hurled at them. And people who want to serve will always be filled with the Holy Spirit as Jesus has chosen His servants.

Acts 20:27 says,”For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” The Sabang Sunday school teachers have received the blessing of God to be effective in the strengthening of believers and work with a correct motive – to glorify the Name of the Lord. Send us, oh Lord! Send us.