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Ptr. Beate M. Hernandez


OUR PASTOR Ma. Beate M. Hernandez is NOW ORDAINED!!

Ma. Beate Mantilla-Hernandez, RND is born in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, married to Rev. Ronell Hernandez and mother to Robee Marinell (12) and Brian Zamwell (10). Bea as what we call her in the ministerial flock has been with various offices at LCSMC  (CEN as writer, UCWO as secretary, member to Publications Committee and Conference Council) working with people is her heart and dwelling with communities is her song.

She has been witnessing the power and ministry of Jesus Christ in her young days being a Sunday School Teacher, Camp Director and Outreach Teacher to EMC Sunday School ministry in the ‘90s.

Pastor Bea graduated at PCU in 1997 Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics and Master of Divinity at UTS 2009 Cum Laude. God’s glory shined in her life and has been her refuge through times, a registered nutritionist and has been working in the hospital as chief hospital dietitian, 2003 when the call to full time ministry impressed into her and responded continuously as her family and Church (Ellinwood Malate Church EMC) through the Scholarship Foundation Inc. (SFI) provided her studies from its beginning.

Meek child is inside in this strong woman that we know, embraced the call and continued loving the people and shared her knowledge in the medical field as she included it to her ministerial formation and ministry program both in spirit and body in whatever Church she will be called to serve. Bea is currently pursuing her final year in the Doctor of Ministry at PCU-UTS (2011-2013) and shall be writing her dissertation. She is currently the Associate Pastor of SCCD in 2009-present for Christian Education and Special Ministry of the Church.

To her ministry is the heart to be accepted by the crowd and to do really what is right in the eyes of God, recognizing what is never easy to go all the way with the Holy Spirit…….there are sacrifices and most of all, crowd who will go against, but God’s direction really matters, and allowing the Holy Spirit to have His complete way in our lives. Bea believes that when we put ourselves in the presence of the Lord in prayer——-listening to what the Lord wants to do in the Church and ministry is what calling is all about………

Sponsors: SCCD – CYF, CYAF, UCM and CWA

Jo Ann and Allan Samonte / Ramon and Daisy Reyes

Jhem Fauni / Christina Hidalgo and Cathy Dumisiw

Honorata Remulla and Board of Elders

Wilma and Gerry Pelagio / Marie Cruz



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