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Christian Nurture







A Virgin Shall be with a Child

Christ: The Center

Why Jesus is Better than Santa Claus!



Gospel Q&A

Got Eternal Life?

What is the Plan of Salvation?

Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?

Is there Life after Death?

For more answers to gospel questions, go to Gospel Q&A in English or click here…




Mga Tanong Tungkol Sa Kaligtasan at iba pang Paksa

Ang Sagot

Ibahagi si Jesus ng Walang Takot

Si Jesus ba ang tanging daan para makapunta sa Langit?

Ang mabuting balita ng Kaligtasan

Mga katanungan tungkol sa Diyos

Mga katanungan tungkol kay Hesu-Kristo

Kung meron ka pang katanungan na hindi mo nakita dito, hanapin ang kasagutan sa Gospel Q&A in Tagalog o  I-klick mo ito.

Mensahe sa Tagalog

**Tunay na Pagibig

**Hesus: Ang Bugtong na Anak ng Diyos

**Pagiging Mabuting Katiwala ng Mga Kaloob ng Diyos



Core Beliefs

Communion Remember Me


The Lord’s Supper – More than a Memorial

Prayer Pattern for Communion by Disciples of Christ





End of the World: When?

Warning: There are several interpretations of the Book of Revelations and the End Times. We encourage you to ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit in reading these interpretations to lead you to the truth about the Last Days. We are not recommending any single interpretation, therefore we should not be held responsible for the wrong ones. The Holy Spirit shall guide you into all TRUTH.

End Times Sequence of Events

The Second Coming of Christ

Antichrist and His Government

Great Tribulation Plaques Part 1

Great Tribulation Plaques Part 2

The Millenium

The 7 Churches in the Revelation

End Times:  The Second Coming (2)

Interpretations: End Times

What is Rapture?

The Book of Revelation: A Chronological Order

What is the Revelation Timeline?


Bible Answers indide



The Inspiration of Scripture

The Sufficiency of the Bible

Learn About the Bible




For Christian Lay Workers, Pastors and Church Leaders

Being Formed in Christ

Giving Leaders Feedback

Message to Pastors: Don’t Give Up on Prayers

Ministering to an Ineffective Leader

Preaching is Performance Art

Tensions of Church Leaders

What Does God Think of Entertainment?




Depression Story: There is Hope! You are Worth it!

Up From Depression




Heart Language

Problem Solving

Writing Questions that Spark Discussions



For Kids, Children, Teens

Superbook – a Wholesome Christian Games for Children and Teens

Teaching Children Christian Values



For Discipleship Training or Evangelism

Basing Discipleship on Jesus

Disciples Are Made Not Born


Personal Discipleship Lesson One: A Disciple Starts with God’s Word

Personal Discipleship Lesson Two: What is the Nature of a Normal, Healthy Disciple

One Faith, Seven Virtues

Guarding Our Faith: Exposing False Teachers

Questions Are the Answers

Questions and Answers about Faith



On Sharing Our Faith and Salvation

A Practical Guide to Sharing  Your Faith

Bible Verses About Salvation: God;s Plan for Us

You Know God?

Come to Jesus and Live!

From Here to Forever

Giving Away The Faith

Going Deeper: Sharing Your Faith

How You Can Be a Fruitful Witness

4 Steps to Knowing God

Path to God and Heaven

Sharing Your Faith

Teaching Them to Observe

What is the Gospel Message? Finding the Truth

What should I do next after gaining salvation?


About Eternity, Heaven or Hell

Been Thinkin’ About Heaven

Is There Really a Place Called Hell?

Thinking About Heaven…Again

Heaven or Hell

 What Does the Bible Say Heaven is Like?



For Family:

30 Life Principles by Dr, charles Stanley

8 Ways to Create Quality Time with Your Kids

Are Your Children Watching?

Basic Principles of Parenting

Being Happy: Traits of Happy People

Co-Parenting With God

Deciding to be a Positive Parent

Defending Your Family Against Spiritual Attack 

Enhancing Relationships

Entertaining Your Aging Parents

Family: Dysfunctional and Functional

Fear Factors in Parenting

Financial Fitness

How to Be a Spiritual Father (or Mother)

How to Love Your Adult Child

In a Father’s Footsteps

Praying for Children

Seven Creative Ways to Pray as Family

That They Might Set Their Hope in God

Thou Shalt Teach Them

Top 10 Ways to Teach Values to Your Kids

Training Our Children

Until They Come Home



Building Your Husband’s Self Esteem

God Renewed My Marriage

How Can My Spouse and I Get on the Same Page in Our Marriage

Keeping Romance Alive in Our Marriage

Not Our Favorite Word

The Thing About SEX

What Does Spiritual Leadeship Look Like in Marriage

What does the Bible Say about Caring for Our Old Parents

What is Real Intimacy?

What Pornography Brings to a Relationship




The Thankful Leper

Hannah’s Prayer

The Prodigal Son

The Song of Moses and Miriam

*****Thanksgiving Articles

A Stranger at Thanksgiving

Beyond His Hand

Enough is a Feast

Give Thanks

Journal of Gratitude

Reasons to be Thankful

Thanksgiving Articles

Why should I thank God when He still hasn’t answered my prayers?



Hope For Life Articles and Blogs


Trash or Treasure?

Two Questions




Lent and Resurrection

What is Lent?

Lent – The Passion of Christ

The Blood of Christ

4 Results of Christ’s Ascension


Jesus on CrossResurrection: Answering the Skeptics

Everything Depends on the Resurrection

Seven Sayings from the Cross (Seven Last Words of Jesus)

Behold Your Mother

Father, Forgive Them

Father Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit

I Thirst

It is Finished

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

Today, Thou Shalt be with Me in Paradise

The Blessings of Christ’s Resurrection

The Risen Christ is the Firstfruits

The Power of Resurrection

The Right View of the Resurrection

The Truimphant Message of the Resurrection

Easter Christian: What is it’s Significance

Touched by the Risen Savior



A Love Without End


Materials for Bible Study, Bible Reading Plan, Sermons, Commentaries, etc

Bible Reading Plans

Bible Study Tools

Biblical Studies

InTouchMinistries Bible Resources



The Role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian Life

50 Things You May Not Know About God’s Spirit

Being Filled with  the Holy Spirit

God, the Holy Spirit

How Can I Discover My Spiritual Gifts

Holy Spirit

How to be filled with the Holy Spirit



About Prayer

A Devoted Heart

Bible Verses on Prayer

Foundational Truth About Prayer

Four Steps to Conversing to God

God’s Desire to Communicate with Us

How Do I Talk With God

How to Have a Quiet Time

How to Pray for Our Leaders

How to Spend a Day with the Lord

Let Him Pray


Prayer Journey

Praying for Rebellious Ones

Praying the 23 Psalm

Praying With Authority

Why should We Pray



Prayer Articles & Testimonies

Miracles often take time—and require persistence.
Are You Too Dirty to Pray? (
There’s no reason to fear—nothing can separate you from the love of Christ.
 If He Wills, I Will
Sometimes hitting bottom is the only way we begin to look up.
My Praying Parents
A retrospective: lifting your kids up to God makes an eternal difference.
When You Fast
What is the purpose of fasting and why it can revitalize your prayer life.
When Prayer Isn’t Prayer
What to do when intercession turns into anxiety?



Weekly Series Sermon/Devotionals by John Barnett

Giving God What Is His

Living Contentedly for Christ




Delight Yourself in the Lord

The Day I Fell in Love

Trust, Delight, Commit




How Do You Explain Trinity (Part 1)

How Do You Explain Trinity (Part 2)




I Didn’t Have to be a Super-Widow



Latest Spiritual Articles are marked with 3 stars (***)

A Knock at the Door

A Life that Overflows

A Life to Overcome

A Place Called Heaven

A Renewed Focus on the New Year

A Reservation in Heaven

Amazing Grace

Finding Grace

Anxiety: How to Respond

Are You concerned About Your Future?

A Season of Need: Maintaining a Heart that God Blesses

Attributes of God

Behold Your God

Be Thankful and Bless His Name

Become a Christian

Becoming a Man and Woman After God’s Own Heart

Bible – Why We Have Confidence in the Bible

Bible Verses about Relationship

Care Casting

Cease Striving and Know God

Christ, Culture and Generation Gap


Christian Baptism: It’s Real Meaning

Christian Love

Christian Witnessing

Christmas: An Invitation to touch the Skin of God

Church  – Haven for the Soul


Conversation With God

Creation Established God’s Ideal Man

Cultivating Christ-like Character


Daily Dying to Self

Daily in the Word

Defeating Deceit: the Logic of Sword, Shield and Helmet

Discernment Matters

Do All Religions Lead to God

FAQ about Jesus

Fearful of Getting Old?

Fight All Your Battles on Your Knees

Forgiving Ourselves

Forgiveness: the Very Essence of Our Faith

From Here to Forever

Full of Goodness

Giving God what is His

God is Thinking About Me

God’s Empowering Presence

God’s Promises By IntouchMinistries

God’s Promise to Provide

Good Desire, Bad Desire

Guarding Against Gossip

Heroes of the Ancient Times

Holy Bible

How Can I Become a More Obedient Child of God?

How to Be a Healthy Christian

How to be God’s Ambassador at Work

How to Begin a Relationship With God

How to Grow Old Gracefully

How to Recognize a Healthy Church

How to Get Past What You’ll Never Get Over

How to Turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings

How to Trust When You’re Troubled

Humor – A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

I Stand at the Door

If  ONLY….Learning to Live Beyond Regret

Imitators to be Imitated

In the Presence of Enemies

Intimacy With God

Is Jesus God?

It’s Time to Embrace Grace by Embracing the Unlovely


Jesus: The Seeking Savior

Lessons from Daily Living from the Trinity

Letting Go of Anxiety

Knowing God’s Voice

Life Principles Notes

Living Within God’s Will

Our Prince of Peace


Names of God

Preaching to Ourselves

Rest Assured

Serve the Lord With Gladness

Serving the Purpose of God

Seven Building Blocks of Leaders

Sound Doctrine

***The Authority of God in the Public Arena

***The Bible Makes Science Good

The Call to Accountability

The Call to forgiveness

The Conviction and Comfort of Coram Deo

The Field Guide to forgiveness

The High Calling of Servanthood

The Importance of Spiritual Discipline

The Miracle Worker

The Necessity of Renewed Mind

The Source of Hope and Strength

The Sovereignty of God

The Superiority of Grace

Thorn in the  Flesh

Thoughts for the New Year

Tribute to Century Old Mango Tree

Thy Kingdom Come: The Prayer that Changes the World

Unity, Liberty, Charity

What does the phrase “God Is Sovereign” really mean?

What is wrong with Society Today?

Walking the Narrow Path

Wisdom for the Trials of Life

Who is God?

Who is Jesus?

World Religions



Do you have questions …?



For Commentaries

Apologetics: Still Relevant Today?

Can We Still Believe in Life After Death?

Do We Believe the Whole Gospel?

Last Supper Was A Day Earlier

Life Is Difficult: A Lesson Learned from the Book of Job

Men: The Endangered Species

Pentecostal Courage



“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” Isaiah 46:4