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Health Section




We hear the adage “health is wealth”. Indeed it is very true that if we are healthy, we are wealthy. With the advanced knowledge in Medicine, for a long time now, it seems that we have forgotten our forefather’s method of combating diseases  – through the natural resources that God has entrusted to us.

With the soaring cost of medicine, doctor’s visit and hospitalization, many are returning to the Holistic approach of taking care of their physical bodies. This is not a substitute for the modern medical technology because God also uses people and science to treat diseases to keep us healthy and strong. The “young once” would say “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”.

Some of the articles you will find here will help you maintain good physical health and healthy heart, while others are articles taken from trusted health websites or emails circulating around based on testimonies of people who used them( which may have not been medically proven). Let’s have some fun reading them and let me know what your opinion is by emailing me at info@sabangdisciples.org.

Better Health Website – WebMD

Sakit sa Puso sa mga Kababaihan

Facts About Iron Deficiency Anemia

Foods Good for the Heart

Children Feeding Tips

Got Diabetis? Why You Should Protect Your Feet

Paglilinaw Tungkol sa Kolesterol

Busina ni Kamote

Milk Not the Source of Calcium for Filipinos

Is it safe for diabetics to eat as much fruits as they want?

Grazing your way to health

Cassava: More than a Gas-Inducing Food

Do You Really Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Good Health?

Calamansi: The Miniature Orange

Prevent Childhood Obesity

Potassium in Bananas Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Watch Your Waist and Weight

Refreshing Green Tea Drink that Fights Cancer


Lose Weight the Natural Way

Steps for Safe Foods

Back to School Nutrition Tips

8 Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Nutrition Month Emphasis on Breastfeeding

Calamansi: The Miniature Orange

Cancer is Indeed Preventable

Cholesterol – Is It Good or Bad for Health

Dengue Fever and How to Prevent It

Drinking Coffee May Be Healthier Than You Think

Not So Corny about Corns

Regular, Balanced Diet Often Neglected

Food in Times of Disaster

Ways to Eat Better Now

What is in Eggs?

Exercise and What It Can Do for You

Make Exercise a Hard Habit to Break

Fight Flu and Bully Bulge with these 4 Foods

Ginger and Its Health Benefits

Fruits vs. Infection

Healthy/Unhealthy Food Lists

8 Healthy Herbs that You Should be Eating

Heart Health 130/80

4 Key Steps toKeep Your Hubby Healthy

Nutritious Kangkong Recipe

7 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

A Second Look at the Low Malunggay


Piliin ang Tamang Mantika

Paglilinaw Tungkol sa Kolesterol

7 Summer Health Tips

Food and Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

6 Serious Office Health Risks

Articles taken from the Internet:

***Baking Soda Treatment for Cancer

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Arteries

9 Spices for Health, Energy and Longevity!

Asparagus for Cancer?

Bananas for Depression, Heartburn, and More?

The Amazing Cucumbers

How safe is it to use a Cell Phone?

Cinnamon and Honey for Heart Disease, Arthritis, Colds and Many more?

Foods to Take When Bothered by These Ailments- Insomia, Asthma and More?

Dr Wu’s Secret to Good Health & Testimonials

Green Papaya and Green Tea for Gout?

Guyabano (Soursop) – Cancer Killer?

Causes of Liver Damage

Recognizing Stroke and What Can Be Done

Sugar: Trick or Treat

The Healing Power of Tea